Tony Pantalleresco Video Part 1 of 2! Mixing Grapefruit, Ginger and Onion

“Say no to drugs! Especially the ones they prescribe!” – Tony Pantalleresco

Update: 8/8/17

— I want to add a personal testimonial about this. This mixture alone effectively dissolved a blood clot in my calf within a few days last week. The clot was serious enough that I was encouraged to go to Urgent Care ( I didn’t go ) – I was dizzy, feverish, nauseous, the clot was painful and hot to the touch.  I made up a batch of it and saw and felt a difference within only hours of taking it. So I made a batch each morning and took a couple big tablespoons every few hours through the day, finishing off one full batch per day. I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time too. —

This potent mix will:

  • jump start your circulatory system,
  • bolster your antioxidant power 
  • break down blood clots
  • maintain capillary and blood vessel permeability
  • anti fungal
  • anti viral
  • anti bacterial
  • kill parasites
  • liver and lung support
  • cholesterol regulating
  • chelating of metals
  • removes toxins
  • can boost testosterone
  • can block estrogen

And it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks. 🙂  Enjoy!

YouTube video



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