UPDATE: CERN, Apollyon, Gateways, Book Of Revelation…

UPDATE: CERN, Apollyon, Gateways, Book Of Revelation…

(More End Times Script Propaganda? – “666”)

UPDATE September 14, 2016 – Since the posting of this article I’ve become convinced that SkywatchTV, and the “prophecy experts” of our time are part of the end times script, founded on “Dispensationalism” / “Futurist” eschatology.  Please see my video “Chemtrails A Christian Perspective” for more on the “end times script.” We always want to err on the side of grace, but here’s what these teachers have in common:

Dispensational timeline
Pro Israel
Christian Zionists
Fallen Angel/Human Hybrid teaching from Jewish Mysticism
Most flash Freemason hand signs
Promote faith in quantum mysticism also see  here

The same teachers are putting a lot of focus on CERN, which is being revealed to be nothing but a giant hoax. But it’s being used by prophecy teachers to add mystical teachings to Christianity and further convolute the gospel. Here’s an excerpt from my most recent post on CERN:

“The next false flag that we want to point out to our fellow patriots is the international false flag called CERN. Once the curtain is lifted on this illusion, your fears that the world will implode into the abyss will be allayed; the main work being at CERN is related to the World Wide Web and has little to do with their stated mission.By seeing the full scope of the project, you can also start demanding more transparency for a so-called science operation that is sucking trillions of dollars and euros from citizens around the world.” – –CERN: Biggest Science Scam in History.  (A MUST READ!)

10 dimensions,  string theory and theoretical physics is all rooted in Kabbalah.

In the video below, CERN is discussed and how the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was purportedly developed to ‘replicate the big bang theory’ and ‘open gateways to other dimensions.’  (The “big bang” is a Kabbalist teaching as well. ) End times prophecy teacher Tom Horn is presenting these claims by theoretical physicists as fact, and a fulfillment of prophecy.

“However, they also believe that there are parallel realities around us, other dimensions, and there could be other intelligence there….

“There is a reason why God put them on the other side of that veil, and you might not want to open that door! And here’s the thing. Their own director of CERN, General Rolf Heuer, has given interviews to the British Press in which he admits that is what they are trying to do. They want to open the door to another dimension. He said ‘when we open the door, something might come through it into our reality! Or, we might send something through it into their reality!’”  —Tom Horn

“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN is cited as saying while briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ.

The town in France where CERN is located is called “Saint-Genus-Poilly“. The name Pouilly comes from the Latin “Appolliacum” and it is believed that in Roman times a temple existed in honor of Apollo, and the people who lived there believed that it was a gateway to the underworld. It is interesting that CERN, whatever it actually is, is strategically built on this spot, to deliberately appear to fulfill a dispensational view of these verses in the book of Revelation(?):

“To him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit… And they had a kind over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” Revelation 9:1-2, 11

The Hindu god of destruction, Shiva, stands outside of the offices of CERN.

Mystery of the Large Hadron Collider


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  2. The Lord Jesus said a great deception would come. Congratulations… you’re already being deceived.

  3. So well put! Jacinda. The enemy, not being Omnicient as God is, does not know exactly how it will end. It seems he has many deceptions running parallel. Many ways it could end. Many ways to distract us. There is a strand of consistent deceit and truth that runs through all these end times scenarios where the enemy’s hand can be seen working behind the scenes (fallen angles, ancient pagan worship and deceits, paganism in the church along with false teachings and wolves to deceive, aliens and the false teaching of beings from other planets supporting the lie of evolution, AI, NWO and the move to a one government, the occult/masons/Lucifer worship with a clear agenda from their leaders, the new age movement, etc) and all in parallel to the other. The net effect is to deceive everyone in some way. One person may fall for one false teaching and not another…the enemy’s goal is that they fall. We need to be aware of the enemy and his schemes while keeping our eyes on Christ. I take in all the perspectives but I am not a convert to any 100%. They all have a tendency to get too myopic to their narrative and not take it all in and see how all these events are of the same author…satan. And God is allowing it. He allows the beast system to arise, but it will be conquered. Our hope is in Christ. Our faith is in God and His Word, not our experience or feelings. We must be aware and awake, not asleep live the 10 virgins and we must definitely have the Spirit (the oil). Oh that the church would neither dismiss what is happening OR make it the sole focus. We have nothing to fear when we are in Christ. We watch, we are vigilant so as not to be deceived as the New Testament says, but we are not to fear.

  4. YCNightingale says:

    Yes, I’ve seen all those things about CERN too. But keep researching, Mike. When you piece it all together; the end times hype, doomsday propaganda, the fake science & quantum mysticism, the globe, the alien agenda… you’ll start to see why I just don’t buy it (although I did at one time). Also, Anthony Patch is a fraud. I have a video posted about that …and, can you find proof that a 17 mile long machine actually even exists? I’ll read anything you want to send on it, though. God bless you Mike, thanks for writing and keep asking questions!

  5. Not sure if you noticed CERNs logo.. Its 666.. I dont buy your world wide web theory.. Not sure I believe the Bottomless Pit theory either. I find the pit theory more believable based on what I know.

    CERN has also put out strange videos depicting other beings and strange dance rituals… They put this out there…

    Then I heard rumors of the giant face that appeared that made them shut the machine off…

    They fire this thing up on weird dates and during eclipses and when they fire this machine up the power grid shuts off for nearby towns…

    But they are just playing with the world-wide web using a 17 mile long machine? I dont buy it…

  6. Hi Jacinda,
    I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but I agree with much of what you’re saying. CERN is a scam. Nothing is coming out of it. Only the occult symbolism surrounding it reveals who’s behind the charade. You might want to read this: CERN: The Biggest Scam in History and CERN/Big Bang Research a Fraud

  7. Jacinda Cardone says:

    His Heavenly Armies…. From what I understand of this article, you are saying that THIS exact version of what is coming should be taken with a grain of salt? I have noticed that there are layers to what is coming, and all of the information coming out. It is not black and white. None of it can be taken at 100% face value. It’s like if you step back and look at it all together but also squint a little so you don’t focus too much on any specific detail, school of thought, etc.; that you can begin to see the parallels of truth running through it all. It’s like something IS coming, but a way has been made for us, through Jesus, who was God in the flesh who came here to live as we did, feel as we did, suffer and feel joy as a human and walk WITH us, and then showed us he loved us so much, so so so much that he was willing to live the experience we had to and then die for us, horribly and painfully so he made sure we knew how much he loved us and that we would know and believe that he WANTS a relationship with us. He WANTS us to want to have a relationship with him. My motto is Educate Yourself, definitely and always but I think too that in this ultimate spiritual matter…. The exact facts and details don’t matter. All we need to know is that we can not attain a heavenly state or reach God or be like God’s by our own means, by our own intellect, use of magic, summoning entities, using sacred geometry, by knowing all lot the secrets that were in that bite of “apple”, by constructing our own Towers of Babel (I could go on and on with the layers and history repeating); we just need to know Jesus and listen inside for the voice of God and all will be well.

  8. His Heavenly Armies says:

    Thank you Shaun.That video comes from the typical dispensational perspective of a one man “beast” which is part of the kabbalists end times script. Have you given any thought to the connection between kabbalah, astrophysics, quantum theory, and theoretical science in general? http://christianobserver.net/kabbalistic-seeds-of-astrophysics-evolution-and-quantum-theory/
    There’s a greater agenda here than what the popular prophecy teachers are presenting.

  9. Shaun, from. Alaska says:

    Yeah, ummm, the best video concerning CERN LHC (Revelation 9:1-11), in YouTube is “CERN LHC: opening the abyss”. Its the one with the round machine thing that’s blue and red and almost looks like teeth…..metal teeth (it’s just an eye catcher).

    Awesome video, check it out.
    God bless, “watch and pray”!.

  10. His Heavenly Armies says:

    Hi Ken, sorry for the delayed response. I looked through for those clips and can’t find them. Were they in the long video? I removed that. I’m considering taking down the other Tom Horn – Jim Bakker video as well. The hadron collider is a very interesting subject, but I do think the wrong slant is being put on it by popular prophecy teachers.

  11. Whether this video is accurate or not I can’t say but I can say the short video bites of rockets at high altitude are well understood and not part of CERN, so please leave out this stuff so as to not leave yourselves open to be discredited please. God Bless us all and protect us from any harm Cern may put upon the world and its inhabitance.

  12. The first time I saw the Kali/Shiva god exalted on NY Empire State Building (around 8/13), The very spot where AMERICA was DEDICATED in 1789 TO THE ONE TRUE GOD WHO BIRTHED AMERICA! I got on my knees and cried out to GOD, THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH WHO LOVES ME & MANKIND SO INTENSELY AND GAVE UP HIS LIFE (HIS ONLY SON JESUS CHRIST) TO REDEEM US FROM OUR SIN THAT LEADS TO DEATH, HELL AND THE GRAVE. I cried out to him for our nations BETRAYAL, FOR REJECTING THE GOD OF LIFE, JESUS CHRIST for Kali/Shiva/Appollyon/Abbadon=gods of death and destruction=SATAN! That same day, while grieving, a small still voice said, ‘beast of the bottomless pit is released’ Death and Destruction is coming to America and to the world…So I began to google beast of bottomless pit, and it led me to REVELATION 9:11- And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon…That was also the FIRST time I’ve ever heard anything about CERN. So yesterday 8/19/2015 I learned that CERN is located is called “Saint-Genus-Poilly“. Originally “Appolliacum,” named after the god “APOLLO,” because the people who lived there believed that it is a gateway to the underworld(!) It is interesting that CERN is built right there, on that spot… and announcing that they are trying to open a gateway. God locked the demons into the earth – and man is trying to unlock the gate and release them! ALL of these CANNOT be coincidences! Regardless of what is coming, or already here, The LORD gave me a vision in a dream, that HE WILL PROTECT HIS CHILDREN WHO WILL ABIDE UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY…THOSE WHO WILL REMAIN IN HIM, TRUST AND CLING TO HIM…THOSE COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS WILL BE KEPT SAFE!

    (Psalm 91)

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