A Knowledge Greater than the Number of Man (Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction)

Modern “science” congratulates man on his achievements, emboldening him to believe that nothing exists outside of his glorious ability to reason. Like parents distracting a toddler with candy, its philosophies keep us worshipping our idols, avoiding thoughts of our inevitable demise. There’s no need for a supernatural God. Death is merely another puzzle that science will eventually solve. There is the problem of “evil,” but who can sort all that out?

“Everyone says they believe in evil. But what does that really mean? What does that really also demand? And if all you have is a self-created universe that spawned out of itself, formed out of nothing, where everything is fluid, everything is evolving, everything is just collections of particles being directed by invisible forces, then good and evil are pretty much meaningless concepts. And yet, everyone uses them, everyone instinctively knows they are true.” TISTF

“As to these matters of history, and still more so as to all matters relating to the being of God, the soul of man, the future state, eternal life and eternal death, and all that is embraced in the great theme of Redemption, human beings are absolutely and necessarily dependent upon Divine revelation for all the information they have, or ever can have.” Phillip Mauro, The Number of Man, The Climax of Civilization.


TISTF offers some thoughts on modern day idols, the futility of reason, and some passages from Phillip Mauro.

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