Revivals Pt 19: The Counterfeit “Enlightenment” Pt4: Secret Societies: The Earthly Power of Heathendom

Without a correct interpretation of the book of Revelation, we’ve been kept unaware of the Secret Societies now exposed behind the scenes of politics, economics and religion. If we’d been aware, they would never have been able to infiltrate the church. But infiltrate they have, and twisting the meaning of … Read More

Revivals Pt 18: The Counterfeit “Enlightenment” Pt3: Islam in the Bible(?)

We’ve been looking at the history of the “enlightenment thought” that the Revivalists were all so determined to seed into Protestantism. Knowing these thoughts originated in the antiquities of Aristotle, Plato and the like, I wondered how this occult worldview had suddenly re-emerged – right alongside the Reformation. Many of … Read More

Revivals Pt 17: The Counterfeit “Enlightenment” Pt2: The Dark Ages & The Golden Age of Islam

Continued from part 16… The Moors and the Enlightenment The Islamic Golden Age refers to the years during which the “Classical Knowledge” of Antiquity (Mystery School knowledge) flourished in the Muslim world. The Islamic Golden Age predates Europe’s Enlightenment by several centuries. Wikipedia’s article on the Islamic Golden Age explains … Read More

Counting Rockets: A Few Thoughts on the War in Israel

After all the “I Stand With Israel” memes I encountered during my morning scroll, I decided to pop my head up from working on the Pentecostalism piece to share some quick thoughts on the current events in Israel. To create the popular Dispensational / Futurist eschatology (that “end-times” teaching nearly … Read More

Revivals Pt 10: The Pagan “Virus”

With all the talk of a “New Variant,” I can’t help but see the spiritual principles behind this “Coronation” of evil taking over the world. I’ve been reading a book I found online by Scottish historian of religion and Presbyterian minister James Aitken Wylie (1808 – 1890) called The History … Read More

The Change Event An ECUMENICAL MESS – ONE WORLD RELIGION VIBES – Video by Magical Mystery Church

I’m working on the next piece in the Revival series: the Third Great Awakening; the birth of Pentecostalism and Social Justice Movements going full-swing in Protestantism. But let’s fast-forward to today with this excellent video by Magical Mystery Church. The Counter-Reformation’s methodical work through the Revivals is quickly coming to … Read More

Sound of Freedom or Just More Externalization of the Hierarchy?

Updated and reposted. Leaving the 99 to save the 1, “Jesus” (Ballard played by Caviezel) singularly heads off into the jungle to save a trafficked child from a stereotypical drug-lord villain. That is the closest thing to a gospel message you’ll find in the film Sound of Freedom. Cursed is … Read More

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