America Is ‘Committing Suicide’ By Allowing Transgenders in the Military

Russian Top Anchor Kiselvov offers a damning assessment of America’s decline into satanic debauchery.

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In this video exposé, a Russia’s top news Anchor reveals just how far Sodom-and-Gomorrah-on-the-Potomac have fallen.

Full Transcript:

Russia Today News | Russia’s Top Anchor Kiselyov:

Recently, a soldier of the U.S. Army underwent a sex reassignment surgery. The Pentagon issued a special statement on the matter, which was aired by NBC. Importantly, the surgery was paid for from the U.S. military budget. Since the service member had already voluntarily started the transitioning before, his doctor was able to make the final decision before the operation—do the cut.

And the head of the DoD’s Military Health System approved it as a government program.

But the U.S. Army experience in field surgery wasn’t enough for it. It’s not the same as stitching up a wound or extracting shrapnel. So the newest development in military medicine took place in a specially selected private clinic. After this disgrace, army docs might try to get back in the game and open special departments for service members who want to transition. It is, after all, a matter of combat fitness and thus also of national security. And how could you possibly ensure it when the soldier can only think of his wrong sex. But once he becomes a transgender woman, then things will start looking up.

Still, it’s not like there’s unanimity on the issue in the U.S. President Donald Trump, who is also the commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, issued a decree in the summer to ban transgender people from joining U.S. Army.

Trump’s tweet:

“After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.”

But the District Court for Washington blocked this ban at the end of October, so transgender people keep enlisting, and the army itself is now paying for sex reassignment surgeries. A precedent has been made. Different estimates put the total number of transgender people in the U.S. Army at several thousand. The actual combat fitness of these soldiers is yet to be determined. There haven’t been any studies so far. Apparently, it wouldn’t be politically correct.

And political correctness is more important than national security.

Need proof? The United States allows women to serve in combat units, including army special forces, or the Green Berets, the Marine Corps, the SEALs, or the Blue Berets, and even submarines. And that’s even though co-ed units don’t perform in the field as well as men-only units, as is confirmed by numerous studies.

But refusing women in their desire to join male teams is even scarier. Its discrimination after all.

At the same time, actual violence against service women is almost a norm. A famous documentary by American director Kirby Dick “The Invisible War” claims that 1 in 4 military women has been raped, and not in the way described by some Hollywood actresses, “He touched me from behind,” but rather aggressively. However horrible this is, the problem is an old one. What’s new is yet another extreme.

Wednesday brought news of the American Congress introducing mandatory training for the congressmen, staff and even interns. The objective is to stop lawmakers from sexually harassing others. Refusing to do it is not an option. At the end of the training, participants receive certificates.

So we can now expect congressmen to decorate their offices with diplomas showing their excellence in chastity classes. But what do they teach in these classes? The importance of not catcalling after women. Clicking tongue and snapping fingers is also not allowed. Sighs should be drawn with care, as if they are not about the woman. And to look at a woman, you need to cast your eyes down, never staring at her directly, let alone undressing her with your gaze.

If you’re explaining something at the computer, standing behind her chair, you should keep a respectful distance. And god forbid you lean in! Touching is a whole subject of its own with many sections. The same goes for joking. Clumsy, suggestive, witty, silly jokes and obviously those with medical imagery are absolutely off limits. Before undoing any button, either yours or hers, give it a really good second thought.

A huge section deals with the legal consequences of all this.

Meanwhile, Hollywood is bubbling with new sex scandals. This time, accusations are being thrown at Sylvester Stallone. Last century, he and his bodyguards allegedly raped a 16-year-old girl. The actor is denying that and calling the accusations absurd.

Actually, all these stories have a certain civilization filling. It’s an explosive mixture of political correctness, hypocrisy, tolerance, consumerism and an expanded understanding of freedom. Liberation of the body, from liberalizing recreational drug use to sexualizing everything, from fashion and cinema to architecture and even food, let alone musical culture. Madonna alone is more than enough. Or Lady Gaga. Or Beyonce. Or Mariah Carey. Or TV series. From Sex in the City to another major hit Californication, where everything revolves around drugs, fornicating and alcohol. Or take Masters of Sex where a scientist is studying human sexual reactions. One sex scene after another.

No wonder that the mind dissociates when, on one hand, there’s a taboo, but, on the other hand, all floodgates are open. The whole concept of love has been reduced by mass commercial culture to just sex. Complete replacement. That’s how we got the expression ‘make love’. And the thing that used to be called love before is now falling into oblivion.

Radical feminism started with fighting for equal rights for women but has since moved further—to domination of all things male which are made to look almost disgusting.

Women’s equality is now also at its limits.

First, they tried to prove that women are just like men but then it turned out that the same medicine affects them differently and their sicknesses are also different. Statistically, men are more prone to cardiovascular diseases while women are more likely to get Alzheimer’s. But there are other differences too. Differences between sexes have been found even in the brain.

The physiological structure of the brain can be more masculine or more feminine. Usually, that corresponds to sex. Quantitative studies were done, for example, by Daphna Joel from the Tel Aviv University. And talking about equal rights — in Russia, we are not against them but our understanding is different. The period of vulgar equality when women drive tractors is over.

Today, the ideal is more along the lines of harmony between the two sexes.

And everyone has the same right to live at their full potential, men and women alike. Of course, we need to ensure the rights of minorities. But without overdoing it and oppressing the majority. And the — let’s call them natural advantages of each sex shouldn’t be ignored. Meanwhile, the U.S. is swinging from one extreme to another. And by doing so, it imposes its new ideals onto the entire planet, always finding someone who does it a different way, an incorrect way, not the American way.

And now even the way the Russian president sits in his chair is wrong and Russia itself doesn’t behave well.

Nothing but reproaches from them. Supposedly, it was us who meddled with the American democracy, as well as with Catalonia and Brexit — we really can do it all. To be honest, it’s all the same for us. We know that Russia is simply standing in the way of an American project. And they refuse to understand why Russia doesn’t want to give itself up and surrender to the U.S.

If an American soldier can change his sex, Russia should change too—it’s not a big deal.

The Russians point at traditions, history, character, culture, common sense. But who cares! The time is new and everything is new. But I’d like to believe that this line of thinking simply isn’t true. If I’m right, Sergey Shoygu is not going to pay for soldiers getting sex reassignment surgery. And in general, let the Americans commit suicide if they wish.

What do we have to do with it?

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