California Fires

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California Wildfires: Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering

J. Marvin Herndon – We review literature, including scientific and medical, and evidence, including photographic, of near-daily, near-global jet-spraying particulates in the atmosphere as related to wildfires.

Corrupt politics overriding California wildfire prevention efforts

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox emphasizes why California needs sustainable forestry management instead of ‘environmental extremist groups’ who control the debate in the state.

Video below – Lena Pu PG&E Smart Meters turning off and on causes fires…. China leads smart electric meter market  S.M.A.R.T  = Self Monitoring And Reporting Tools

YouTube video

PG&E shut-off? Check your Smart Meter

If you have a Smart Meter, in a power shut-off, turn off all circuit breakers in your home or building, including your main circuit breaker. When PG&E restores power, check your Smart Meter for signs of damage, overheating, or fire before turning on breakers. If you notice any signs then or afterward or in the building, including strange sounds (sizzling or buzzing) or flickering lights, contact your fire department and take photos of any visible damage.

Re-energizing power lines causes surges that can damage Smart Meters. Smart Meters don’t have a direct connection to ground, a circuit breaker, or adequate surge protection………

California fires: Goats help save Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Evacuated horse breaks free and runs back to get his family

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