Citizens Successful in STOPPING Smart Meter Installation on Their Home!

My friends in Arizona recently received the following notice from their utility company stating that all meters must be replaced by smart meters.

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But when they contacted the utility company they were told that they had been “Corporate Blue Lined” and that a meter would never be installed on their home. Why? In 2008 a smart meter had been installed on their home w/o their knowledge and for 5 years they suffered health effects. Upon learning that the smart meter was the culprit in 2013 , they sent Jerry Day’s “Notice: Refusal of Unsafe and Unlawful Metering”  (link below) and the meter was promptly removed Here’s her note:

We rec’d a letter yesterday from our utility company stating it was changing our plan and that meters would have to be replaced w/smart meters.  Dave (name changed for privacy)  just called and rep said we are “Corporate Blue Lined” (corporate flagged) and our meter would not nor ever be changed.  … Worth putting up a fight sometimes.  🙂    

I filed the notice of refusal with my utility company last year as well. To date, our house is the only one in the subdivision with an original, analog smart meter. This notice has TEETH! As much as the corporate-powers-that-be want us to think we’re powerless to stop the roll out of these devices it is clearly not the case!

Smart meters are NOT REMOTELY as “harmless” as a cell phone, although that’s what meter installers will tell you. The pulses the meters send out travel a far greater distance and are much more powerful. There are several articles and videos on this site addressing the health dangers, 4th amendment and wiretapping violations that smart meters present. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to get informed!

The notice of refusal, several other helpful documents and instructions on how to use them are free to download on Jerry Day’s website: (information from his site copied below).  The effort it takes to get these documents into the right hands is a small price to pay for the health and freedom of your family.

The following is from

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Downloadable Documents

(MS Word Format)
These documents are provided free of charge as a public service of for those who wish to oppose and resist unsafe and unlawful “advanced” electronic utility metering.


(Filename “a4): “Notice: Refusal of Unsafe and Unlawful Metering”: DOWNLOAD LINK

Notice of Liability: DOWNLOAD LINK

Notice of Default: DOWNLOAD LINK

Notice to Police and Sheriff: DOWNLOAD LINK

Posted Notice – Constructive Contract: DOWNLOAD LINK

Notice of Self Defense: DOWNLOAD LINK

Vaccination Notice: DOWNLOAD LINK


First, open the file named “a2”. Those are your instructions on editing and mailing the template. “a4” is the template for you to edit and mail to your power company CEO. This notice reverses the authority from the utility company to the property owner. YOU ARE NOW THE BOSS! YOU MAKE THE POLICIES! THE UTILITY COMPANY IS IN CRIMINAL MALFEASANCE AND HAS LOST RIGHT OF CONTRACT! BUT YOUR NOTICE IS ONLY EFFECTIVE IF YOU ACT LIKE YOU ARE IN CHARGE AS YOUR NOTICE SAYS. This notice is used if you plan to go into headlong battle and force your power company to permit you to have a safe and lawful electromechanical meter.

Using the same process, send the Notice of Liability to your power company CEO or top executive. This causes that person to be personally responsible to pay all costs of harm and damages caused by the unlawful invasive radiation-emitting fire hazard they have put on the side of your home. This notice is used if you may not intend to force your utility company to permit you to have a safe and lawful electromechanical meter, but you plan to hold the company CEO personally, and the utility company, responsible to pay for any harm caused by the electronic meter.

After you send your notices, if your power company fails to replace your meter with a safe and lawful electromagnetic meter with NO ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS within the time allowed in your notices, edit and send the Notice of Default to strengthen your legal position.

The Notice to Police and Sheriff protects you from criminal trespass by law enforcement who may attempt to enforce your power company’s corporate policies. Law enforcement MUST have a court order or a criminal complaint to enter your property. Refusal of unsafe metering is not a criminal act.
More and more, police seem to be forgetting the limits of their authority. Law enforcement has NO AUTHORITY to enforce utility company policies. They can only enforce against CRIMES. It is very wise to remind them of those limitations with this notice BEFORE any incident occurs.
If police ever come to your property to enforce power company policy (civil contract) IMMEDIATELY demand to see their court order (they will not have one) and then order them off your property.
If they don’t leave call 911 and report criminal trespass by law enforcement and your utility company personnel. If the police have a court order (extremely unlikely) read it carefully and make sure the terms are lawful and being fully observed by the police. Unless you have committed a crime or threatened someone that court order is probably unlawful and corrupt.

The Posted Notice file is for printing, laminating and attaching to your analog meter and your perimeter gate. We strongly recommend posting this notice. Office supply stores usually offer lamination services while you wait.

The Notice of Self Defense overlaps the notices above. You may want to use this if you run into pig-headed utility company employees or law enforcement who are unable to understand why you are refusing the harmful metering. Like the notices above, this notice provided legal foundations for actions against the violators later.


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