Fallen Angels, Demons & Giants What Is Coming Upon The Earth

note* 3/31/16 – I feel I need to add an update to this article stating that, after much study and prayer, I do not believe that the nephilim, or the giants were the offspring of a sexual union between man and angel. There are simply too many conflicts with solid doctrine in that narrative. One being that it takes the responsibility for sin off of man where the Bible clearly states that the world was destroyed by the flood because of the wickedness of man.. not angels or hybrids… or bad DNA. Another being that it leads us into fantastical thinking and away from solid doctrine. A third is that the belief of angels mating with humans is occult in origin. Additionally, the argument that God wiped out the giants to protect the DNA blood line of Jesus is a moot one, as Jesus was wholly created in the womb of a virgin. He was the “second Adam”.

This is still a very interesting interview though.

HHA | 10/1/2014

Hagmann & Hagmann with Guests: Tim Alberino & Steve Quayle

The giants of Genesis 6 appear to play a part in the occult-led, global communist agenda. Granted, this stuff is mind bending, and while I’m not sure of the actual origins of the giants, the Nephilim, Raphaim, etc… it’s clear that they existed, were very powerful and very evil.

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Moreover, you cannot separate the biblical topic of giants, demons and fallen angels from current and near-term Geo-political events, although “the illuminated” would certainly prefer that you did. So too would many mega-churches, televangelists, political figures, military leaders, and royalty. The reason? By understanding that the Holy Bible reveals the blueprints of the globalists, including their methods of madness, that the holy Bible is much more than some antiquated or obscure historical reference or even, as some might assert, a collection of fables, you will then better understand the events taking place around us. Events in the recent past will also be seen for what they actually are, and you will then have a better grasp of what lays ahead. You will gain a better understanding of what was actually taking place in the days leading to the flood of Noah’s time, and it might not be what you think.

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