KING JAMES ONLY? Thoughts from Biblical Linguistic Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser

KING JAMES ONLY? Thoughts from Biblical Linguistic Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser


Is the KJV the ONLY inspired English version of the Bible? I often get told to use KJV only for this reason or that, and I’ve even been called heretic because I don’t always cite the KJV as my reference. But is that really an accurate accusation? And is the premise that the KJV is the only “perfect” English translation even true? In this video, I share why I don’t necessarily prefer the KJV, and also get a comment from an Ancient Near East Linguistic Scholar and an editor at Logos Bible Software, Dr. Mike Heiser, to share his thoughts on the KJV onlyism.

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  1. His Heavenly Armies says:

    Thanks David, Personally, I’m inclined to lean toward your point of view. The old writers had such a wealth of insights, solid doctrine, and spiritual depth. I’m sure with your literary knowledge you’d be the last one to get caught up in the many false teachings of the day. Gonz’s makes a good point as well, I think, in that, people READING the Bible is still preferable to people NOT reading the Bible. If they come to know Jesus through the modern translations, praise God!

  2. David Reece PhD says:

    While I use the KJV version a lot I like the Geneva version better. I like reading middle english and I like middle english type set of the 17th century. It has allowed me to read the original books and sermons of Edwards, Wesley, Whitefield and others from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century with ease. OK I might be a romantic when it comes to old books but I can sound off the arguments to go with the KJV for regular and primary Bible study and forget any Bible of the 20th century.

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