Peru Belen Iquitos Market Devastated by Military After Lockdown Protests

I received an email from my friend Max who is close friends with a missionary family in Peru. Max enclosed these photos of the Belen Iquitos market, previously a place tourists flocked to for the literally thousands of amazon medicinal herbs & tonics. He told me that 90% of Iquitos shopped there for food as well.

According to Max’s friend, there were riots between police and vendors and the government came in and completely destroyed the beautiful farmers market. He said this will completely decimate the tourist industry and livelihoods of these people.

“All over a fake pandemic”

This is going on all around the world but the news never reports it. I looked for news of what happened to the Belen Iquitos market online and found nothing.

I’m frankly appalled at the shortsightedness of so many Christians who are still looking to US politics and thinking that Trump will save the day.

I’m also adding photos of the once thriving market before this happened. The contrast is heartbreaking.

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