Trumps Anti-Semitism Executive Order Marks the End of Free Speech

By Brandee Bowen Gorsline [excerpt] Trump declared Judaism to be a NATIONALITY, not a religion or set of beliefs….which makes ANY AND ALL criticism of the nation of Israel or the ruling elite globalists who run the nation AND any person who practices the mystical, sorcery, Kabbalah based RELIGION that … Read More

Malware Attack

Dear readers, Christian Observer encountered a serious malware attack yesterday that temporarily installed a redirect onto the site. I received several emails about this and the problem has been fixed by my hosting company. I pray that no one was affected by the confusing malware pop up. In the event … Read More

Prophets To Ahab And Evangelicals To Trump: “Go Up! Attack Syria!”

By Chuck Baldwin September 6, 2018 Two days ago, I wrote this on my Facebook page: The U.S./Israeli attack against Syria and Iran is imminent. Just yesterday, the Zionist puppet Donald Trump threatened Syrian President Assad to not drive the last remnant of terrorists (U.S.-backed terrorists) from his country. With the … Read More

Executives From The Major Social Media Companies Gather To Plot “Strategy” For The 2018 Election

Regardless of the limited “right/left” paradigm presented in this piece, internet censorship will affect us all. EndOfTheAmericanDream | August 24, 2018 by Michael Snyder Is the social media crackdown on conservatives about to get even worse?  On Friday, representatives from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Snapchat and other major social media companies gathered … Read More

Bone-Chilling Footage From Inside China Shows Raw Reality of Enslavement Tacitly Supported by Big Tech

Old-Thinker News | Aug. 27, 2018 By Daniel Taylor Chinese man describes the horror as best he can: “They’re eating our flesh and drinking our blood“. This is the system that big tech companies are bowing to. Apple and Google have created a dangerous precedent for both business and press … Read More

Chemtrails Planet and Fellowship Of The Minds Suspended by Wordpress – Internet Censorship

CO – YNightingale The days of freedom of speech on the internet are officially numbered. If “conspiracy theorists” ever longed for a day that their claims would be legitimized, that day has arrived. Yesterday, Chemtrails Planet, hosted by Harold Saive, and Fellowship Of The Minds were suspended by Like … Read More

After Banning Alex Jones, Tech Giants Push to Ban “Climate Deniers”

(Natural News) (abridged) The great social media purge of 2018 is showing no signs of slowing down: Now that Alex Jones has been banned, the left-wing is on a power trip — and they’re already demanding more censorship. Media Matters, a left-wing organization funded by George Soros, has already stepped … Read More

Google goes all-in with Communist China; agrees to create state-controlled search engine that crushes human freedom

Trumpet As reported by The Intercept, according to leaked documents, the China-market site will blacklist websites and search terms containing “human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.” Code-named Dragonfly, the project has reportedly been under development for nearly a year-and-a-half, launching in the spring of 2017. The development sped up after … Read More

Will California State Assembly bill BAN the Bible?

California lawmakers are considering the country’s first ban on anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy for adults (Assembly Bill 2943). Undoubtedly anticipating a public outcry from Christians, Snopes and the MSM immediately went to work debunking the statements of Assemblyman Travis Allen in this interview. Additionally, I had to wonder why a Google … Read More

Facebook Threatens to Silence Radically Saved Former Homosexual / Transgender Man

Christian Observer | 7/9/2018 Censorship on the internet is heating up exponentially, and what is being censored serves to tell exactly who is engineering public thought. Just yesterday, David Arthur, author of the book; Refined: Life Through Homosexuality, Transgenderism, and Beyond,received the following note from Facebook regarding his Facebook page: If you … Read More

Vatican Official to Attend Bilderberg Mtg. | Topics Include “Post Truth” World

Catholic News Agency reports that a Vatican official will be attending the Bilderberg meeting this year. But more interesting is the list of key topics for discussion this year, including the “post truth” world. Andrea Gagliarducci Jun 7, 2018 CATHOLIC NEWS AGENCY Cardinal Pietro Parolin. (Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.) ROME – Cardinal Pietro … Read More

Coming soon to the United States? Police interrogate mum-of-four for tweets critical of trans teen surgery

Christian Institute | Apr 3, 2018 A stay-at-home mum of four was interrogated by the police for referring to ‘male to female’ trans surgery as castration on Twitter. Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull was reported to the police in July 2017 by Susie Green, the CEO of transgender charity Mermaids, who took her … Read More

CDC Doctor Timothy Cunningham Found Dead – Police: “No Signs of Foul Play”

Original Story CO – 4/6/2018 The body of CDC Dr. Timothy Cunningham, 35 was found Tuesday in the Chattahoochee River in northwest Atlanta. Fulton County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Gorniak said on Thursday that there were no signs of foul play and that Cunningham’s preliminary cause of death is believed … Read More

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