Phillippines Hit With Category 3 Typhoon ‘Rammasun’

7/15/2014 | Dutchsinse

Typhoon “Rammasun” is now making landfall as a Category 3, hitting directly upon the central Philippines.

The area which was heavily damaged in the 2013 Super-Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan is being hit again now.

Updated tropical storm information can be obtained via the links below:

rammasun typhoon

Category 3 Typhoons (cyclones, hurricanes) usually carry winds :


50–58 m/s, 96–112 knots
111–129 mph, 178–208 km/h



Views from the SSEC MIMIC TP:

rammasun gifs


Multiple views from the NOAA tropical storm floater page:

rammasun gifsA1111

rammasun gifsA111

rammasun gifsA1

rammasun gifsA

Monitor weather nationally, and internationally here:


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