Super Storms and Weather Control

“Super Storms” like Cindy are not a naturally occurring phenomenon. These devastating weather events are man-made. For evidence to support that statement you need only go to the “documents” and “patents” pages on this site and browse through the articles on geoengineering. Please watch the videos below and get informed if you aren’t already. Chemtrails/Geoengineering is the biggest health issue we face today. It is decimating communities with super storms, devastating our food supply, and our health.

A photo made available by NASA shows an enhanced image

Geoengineering is being presented as the “solution” for “climate change” (their man-made super storms as alleged evidence that climate change is occurring).

I know it is an overwhelming subject, but when you start to look at just how much money is being put into these programs, you begin to see that an agenda so immense, so evil, is underway, that to ignore it is criminal. This is not just genocide, it’s attempted omni-cide. To be silence is to be complicit.

Watching an old documentary “Century of the Self” the other day, right there in the old-looking film footage they had placed a great big chemtrail. Just the “normalizing” efforts to cover up these programs should make us stop and think.

What do we do? Stop being silent. Don’t buy the “climate change” lie. Be informed. Inform others. Pastors, please find your voice! Speak up! To sit back and say “It’s all been prophesied, there’s nothing we can do.” is to drink the kool-aide. Yes, of course, pray. Just don’t stop there. Wear an awareness t-shirt. Start a conversation. Download the free flyer in the sidebar, print some up, keep them handy and hand them out. All small things, but if we all do them, the power they have to deceive will diminish.

“Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Eph 5:11

YouTube video

YouTube video

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