William Cooper – The Alex Jones Deception

This is the original broadcast from Bill’s ‘Hour of the Time’ shortwave radio show aired on January 6th, 2000. These are 3 full length broadcasts that expose a deliberate campaign to instill fear in the pubic.   PART ONE:… PART TWO:… William Cooper Playlist:…… … Read More

Aerosol Crimes & Disinformation Experts: Characteristics of the Vipers

  Fig 1 Nashville – Oct 15, 2015 In this excellent article, Greg Pallen exposes the methods used by disinformationists to keep the public divided and unable to stop what is being perpetrated against them. These time proven tactics are being used across the board by the elite, be it … Read More

25 Rules Of Disinformation

I put this together when I worked on another site a while back and thought I’d post it here too. As we attempt to navigate through rampant disinformation on the internet in our search for the truth, it’s helpful to know the tactics used by professional disinformation agents. From Twenty-Five Ways … Read More

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