This article originally appeared on State of the Nation as False Flags are Legal Propaganda by the Department of Defense on January 18, 2016. WHY WOULD THE GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FALSE FLAG EVENTS? This question would go through our minds every time we would see a new false flag event plastered all over the media.  … Read More

NGOs: Choice Tool Of Subversion For The New World Order

Activist Post | By Makia Freeman NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) have become quite the choice tool of subversion, destabilization and domination for the US-led New World Order. As the recent Soros hack has shown, the US (in particular) has embarked on a cunning strategy of infiltration in its foreign policy. On the surface, NGOs appear as benign, helpful and, … Read More

Sept 23rd Propaganda/Symbolism

British TV show Coronation Street to air “Nowhere to Run” live episode on September 23rd. Coronation means crowning. Some have speculated that we are in some very big prophetic transitions into the rising of this New World Order. But whatever happens in the near future, God is in control. Not … Read More

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