The Brave New World of AI – (Q is “Jesus”?!)

The internet, especially social media ie Facebook aka “do it yourself surveillance” is satan’s attempt at omniscience. This is one of the massive accomplishments of the coronavirus lockdown – rather than talking face to face we’re communicating our every thought on the world wide web. Do anyone not think that every keystroke, sound and image aren’t being recorded? If not, just look at the ads that pop up on your smartphone after you’ve discussed anything from new shoes to vacuum cleaners in it’s hearing range. What’s this all leading to? Think about it. Don’t get scared – just be wise. Always keep in mind that evil uses fear to control, and recognize the futility of the enemy’s attempts to be “god” in this world when Jesus has already conquered him.

All that said, we do need to know what’s going on to keep from falling into deceptions. In this article, Craig Patin looks at the deception represented by AI. What he presents about Q, in particular, caught my attention.

Westworld: The Brave New World

By Craig Patin

Once you understand that AI is just a new nice way to say watchers (demonic entities) then it becomes so much easier. This doesn’t become fact overnight, it took me 17 years of research. Look at it like when they went from demonic entity to “alien”. We are in stage 3. Babel.

Westworld is playing out our future right before our eyes. And who is hear to save us from this AI Quantum computer named Rehoboam? Dolores and the 5 “gods”. Look at the opening shots. Is that the coronavirus model of the AI orbs inside of the “robots”? That is their life.

The making of the AI orbs or “pearls” on Westworld reminds me of the coronavirus model. I knew I had seen it before. The coronavirus is nothing but symbolic. The crowned snake plague /venom. The reality of it is the move on society with Quantum Computing.

Westworld is showing us our future as it moves into Futureworld.

Look familiar?
“1973: It’s not a naval mine but an “octopus”, used to calibrate the pressure gauges of the Intersecting Storage Rings accelerator. You may have heard of the ISR before. This accelerator ran at CERN from 1971 to 1984, was the first hadron collider in the world.”

Remember, they invented the World Wide Web.

If you don’t spell it out for some people they just don’t get it. Unfortunately I don’t have time to hold their hand.

Coronavirus is not about a virus per say. It is about a Quantum AI virus threatening your existence. This is the beast rising from the sea. The name is clearly symbolic. That’s all. Coronavirus. The serpent crown plague. The plague is to attack your soul/mind through fear. The Antichrist spirit wants your spirit. The truth is that this is a BIOlogical weapon attacking your Bio-sphere of your body. The bio-digital field of the IoS sends Bio-matter to attach itself to you. Your smart phones are the conduit for this. Stay home. Get connected. That’s what they want. The bits sent from Quantum Bio-Matter are building blocks. These building blocks or bits are being replicated in people. Slowly but surely. Think DNA.

And let me correct myself. These are Qubits not just bits. Q. Ring a bell. This is why this movement is more like an AI Cult that will now go so far to say Jesus is Q. They are already connected to the machine.

I like the conversation on the pilot episode of Fantasy Island (1977). A wealthy businesswoman attends her own funeral and Mr. Rourke tells her what is going on. She says how this is all a conspiracy and Rourke interrupts her by saying, “thus a fantasy”. We are all on Fantasy Island.

 were on the first episode too.

I looked up the site that one of the twitter comments on Craig’s post went to and it was an LDS link – It told me I was “not allowed” to view the page (Mormonism is very secret) … but the Twitter post said Q is Jesus… So, I couldn’t get to what the LDS official position on Q was, but what we do know is that the LDS Jesus is not Jesus, but another “Jesus” who they believe was Michael the archangel, the brother of Satan. They do not pray to Jesus but to “Heavenly Father”.

Anyway, so I did a little more digging into Q.
According to this article in Wikipedia, the “Q-source”, according to critics, actually originates in something called the “Gospel of the Hebrews”
The Gospel of the Hebrews is one of the three Jewish–Christian gospels (A gnostic gospel), along with the Gospel of the Nazarenes and the Gospel of the Ebionites.

In this Gnostic gospel, the Holy Spirit is represented as a manifestation of Divine Wisdom who is called “Mother”. The feminine aspect of the Spirit is an indication of Semitic influence on the language of the gospel. Sound familiar? This is the same teaching as Qabbala. Hmmm… Qabbala / Q?

So Mormonism is Gnostic? Yup.

“in 1833, Smith declared “the glory of God is intelligence””
This entire article is fascinating, but note this:

“Another unusual element entered the matrix of Smith’s creativity around this time. From his associations with ceremonial magic and then Masonry, Smith had almost certainly heard of “Cabala”. But in 1841 a Jew raised in the Polish borderlands of Prussia, educated at the University of Berlin, and familiar with Kabbalah, joined the Mormon church, migrated to Nauvoo, and there became Smith’s frequent companion and tutor in Hebrew. Documentation has recently come to light suggesting this individual, Alexander Neibaur, not only knew Kabbalah, but probably possessed in Nauvoo a copy of its classic text, the Zohar. Joseph likely became familiar with the Zohar while under the tutelage of Neibaur. Indeed, it appears Smith’s April 7, 1844 public declaration of a plurality of Gods was supported by an exegesis on the first Hebrew words of Genesis (Bereshith bara Elohim) drawn from opening section of the Zohar.7″

So as with everything else at work behind the scenes, we find ourselves back at Qabbala / Kabbalah.

Q -> Mormonism / Q-source -> Gospel of the Hebrews -> Mormonism -> Gnosticism -> Kabbalah. Q is also the 17th letter of the alphabet – In Biblical symbolism (occult gematria), the number 17 represents “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.” To put a simple bottom line on it, everything about this “Q” thing is off.

Christians following this Q-Anon need to look deeper.


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