The Hebrew Roots Movement – Part 2

This is, without a doubt, the “other gospel” that Paul warned against, get involved with these people at your own peril. Make no mistake, the followers of Jesus Christ, according to the bible, are Christians, and Mark Blitz is very much anti-christian both by things he has said and by his associations. 

The Hebrew Roots Cult Movement – Part 2
Hatred for Christians and the Apostle Paul – NTEB


“I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any [man] preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. ” Galatians 1:6-9

One of the main dangers with cults is that they attempt to masquerade as the real thing. It’s easy to spot way out wacky ones like Heaven’s Gate and the Rev. Sun Yung Moon, but the really tough ones to spot are the ones that hijack the bible and use much of the same terminology as you would find in the bible. Excellent examples of this being the Mormons, the Jehovahs Witness, the Seventh Day Adventists, and others. But as we have previously reported, the Hebrew Roots movement, which is neither Christian nor Herbrew, has appeared on the scene preaching the “other gospel” that the Apostle Paul warned so strongly and passionately for us to watch out for and to avoid. In fact, the Hebrew Roots people make no bones about their contempt for the Apostle Paul and his teachings given him by inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

Another gospel

It is astonishing to me that any group could so strongly hate Paul, yet claim that they follow the bible. Indeed, if you were to remove the Apostle Paul’s writings from New Testament, you would be left with the gospels and precious little else. Out of the 27 books of the New Testament, Paul wrote a certified 13 of them, and the book of Hebrews which while it does not give authorship, many like myself believe that he wrote that one as well. So roughly 55% of the entire New Testament is authored by Paul, and it would be wise to listen to what God the Holy Spirit has spoken through him.

Next to Jesus, the Apostle Paul is the greatest figure in the New Testament
Hating the Apostle Paul yet teaching the bible…really?

There is a group out of  Newport Beach, California, called Last Trumpet Org Ministires, and they are one of the leading groups attempting to delegitimize the Apostle Paul, and while they may be the most overt, they are not alone in this thinking. Other groups, like El Shaddai started by Mark Blitz, also slam the Christian church. One thing you need very much to keep in mind is that the Hebrew Roots movement – while they claim the name of Jesus – are not Christian and in fact are anti-christian. This is the danger of following these cults. Their aim is not to teach you the bible, it is to drag you back to before the cross and place the yoke of the Law, the Torah, around your neck after Christ has freed you from it.

Like all cults, the Hebrew Roots Movement have their own “version” of the Bible, which of course, is the only version you
are allowed to use.

The following is taken directly from the Last Trumpet website, and says this:

Pastor Mark Biltz and I both in agreement that the foolish virgins of Matthew 25 are ALL the Sunday churches. It’s very obvious if you know your scriptures and understand Torah terminology. The Sunday churches, meet on Sunday, they do not meet on the appointed Saturday Sabbath, they don’t keep the appointed Feasts of the Lord (Leviticus 23), they teach people away from the need for “being Torah observant,” (the instructions of God) , claiming they are not under the law any more. They celebrate Christmas which is the pagan sun god holiday, the birth of the sun. Jesus was born on Sukkoth and this can be easily proven from Scriptures. Now all Christians cite Paul as the reason why they do what they do. Paul is “the spoutter of lies” which is what James calls Paul in letters found with the Dead Sea scrolls. This work found by Dr. Robert Eisenman an expert on this subject of letters found with the dead sea scrolls and wrote an exhaustive book on the subject titled James, the Brother of Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Also attached is a PDF by Pastor Mark Biltz proving who the foolish virgins are of Matthew 25. We had been in dialog on the subject and I wanted to know if he thought ALL the Sunday churches are the foolish virgins of Matthew 25. Pastor Mark is in agreement with me that ALL the Sunday churches are the foolish virgins of Matthew 25 and sent me back the attached PDF as a study that he wrote. Everyone needs to get out of the Sunday churches are they are going to be judged.” source – Last Trumpet

Now, before you jump all over me, I quoted what this man said transpired in his conversation with Mark Biltz. If this didn’t happen, or it’s not true, blame him not me. But I did go directly to the Last Trumpet website for the quote. What I found on the El Shaddai website, written by Biltz himself, is more than enough information to make my case.

Mark Biltz seeks to “straighten out the Christians”

People have approached me saying that Mark Blitz is a “good guy” with incredible insight to bible prophecy. I wonder how good his insight is if he thinks that Sunday church attendance qualifies you as one of the “foolish virgins” of the Tribulation. His group is one of many in the Hebrew Roots community that minimize the teachings of the Apostle Paul, or at the very least say they should be taken with a grain of salt. This is very, very dangerous teaching, my beloved in Christ, and the whole purpose of it is to make you doubt the New Testament, and to get you to believe in “another gospel”, as the bible so clearly warns us would happen in the last days. His attack is all the more deadly because it’s subtle. He is trying to sow seeds of doubt in your faith in the New Testament with a “yea, hath God said?” approach.

In Mark Blitz’s own words, he states that Christians don’t really know Jesus and that don’t really know the bible, and in doing so allows us to peek behind the curtain into what the real goals of his group as well as all Hebrew Roots groups is – destroying the Church. Here is Mark quoted directly from his website:

My goal is not to convert Jews to Christianity but to bring non-Jews to a better understanding of YHVH through a better understanding of Torah. I think most Christians do not know YHVH as He really is but know Him as they have tried to create Him in their image rather than understanding they were created in His image. Many Christians believe they have a relationship with YHVH but they don’t.

The time is coming when the Jewish people will recognize the role Yeshua played and they will then fulfill their mission in taking Torah to the nations. They will straighten out the Christians theology in what Yeshua was really saying. There will be Christians who will be saying what can these Jews know about Yeshua when in actuality you will have the correct understanding. In Christianity as you probably know there will be an antichrist and false prophet who deceive the world.” Source – Mark Blitz and El Shaddai

So Mark Biltz thinks that the bible believing Christians need to be “straightened out”? What he is really after is taking the liberty we have in Christ and replacing it with the yoke of the Law, which Jesus Himself took off of our backs (emphasis HHA). This is, without a doubt, the “other gospel” that Paul warned against, get involved with these people at your own peril. Make no mistake, the followers of Jesus Christ, according to the bible, are Christians, and Mark Blitz is very much anti-christian both by things he has said and by his associations. In the quote of Biltz, he very frankly says that he goal is to make non-christian followers of Jesus. Now how exactly does one do that? Answer is that you cannot do that. The very term “christian”, in it’s most literal sense is a “follower of Jesus Christ.” A non-Christian “follower of Jesus” would be like having a “vegetarian meat-eater”.

Mark Biltz’s curious position on biblical salvation

“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” Acts 16:31

It says in the bible that to go to Heaven you must be saved. Without salvation in Jesus Christ, no one can enter into Heaven. No one. So when asked if the goal of his movemment was to “get Jews saved”, he gave the typical double-speak of the cult leader. Listen to his own words on getting Jews saved –

“I can’t speak for everyone but only for myself. First I would say that there probably really is no central goal of the Hebrew roots movement. Everyone is there for different multiple reasons. As long as you have humans and religions you will have multiple motives. I find some just want to build kingdoms to themselves not unlike some of the Pharisees and Sadducees and many Christian ministers of today. Here I am speaking of many of the leaders. Also, just like the multiple denominations in both Judaism and Christianity you can’t lump the Messianic/Hebrew Roots movements into one motivation. The central goal is to know YHVH and to make Him known. My goal is not to convert Jews to Christianity but to bring non-Jews to a better understanding of YHVH through a better understanding of Torah.” source – Mark Biltz website

The “central goal is to know YHVH”? Really, Mark? Lots of people know God, but do not know His Son, Jesus. The bible says that God gave the power to Jesus – “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Matthew 28:18. Simply “knowing God” doesn’t get the job done with the bible has said that God gave Jesus all authority. Jesus is the Gate, He is our entrance to the Father, not the Torah. And if you do not receive biblical, New Testament salvation, you are lost and heading for Hell. The Torah will not and cannot save you. Keep the Torah all you like, if you are not SAVED, you are lost and damned to Hell. The bible is crystal clear on this. I know this is offensive to a lot of people, and it offended people in Jesus’ day as well. So much so they killed him for it. And they killed Paul for teaching it. But it’s the Truth, like it or not.

Jesus, in His own words, said this is why He came into the world –

“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10.

And yet, amazingly, Mark Biltz is not here to see Jews get saved, but as he states repeatedly, he wants to see them “know YHVH”. Biltz’s own words put him at odds with the clear bible teaching that ALL must be saved in order to enter Heaven. Clearly this is another gospel, because it does not match with the one in the bible.

Mark Biltz is not a Christian(emphasis HHA) and in fact is very much against Christians and Christianity –

I believe Christianity has hijacked Yeshua and has been presenting an Egyptian which is why Yeshua is not recognized.” source – Mark Biltz.

Biltz is attempting to make you feel bad for being a Christian, and his every stated aim is to lead you away from being a Christian. If the Holy Spirit leads you to being a follower of Jesus, a CHRISTian, who is it that would want to lead you away from it? Hmmm….

What Mark Biltz teaches is the very definition of a cult. He is trying to lead people away from a saving faith in Jesus, and to lead them to the Torah. He quotes from the New Testament to confuse people, but he picks and chooses his way through, carefully avoiding passages that show salvation is through a person – Jesus – and not through keeping the Law or following the Torah. The Torah is awesome and it has it’s place, but the Torah makes up less than 10% of the books of the bible. The bible starts with the Torah, but it ends with a person, Jesus returning in Glory. The goal of the bible is to lead you to Jesus, not lead you to the Torah. The Torah simply lets you know your lost condition, the solution to that problem is Jesus. All 66 books of the bible are of equal value, they are all there for a reason and a purpose. The combined revelation of all of them is the bible, not an isolated section.

So now you know the real and stated goals of Mark Biltz and El Shaddai, and of the larger Hebrew Roots movement in general. It is our recommendation that if you want to be true to what the bible actually teaches, that you will avoid these and all false teachers who perverty the word of God for their own selfish gain. The goal of the bible is not to lead you to the Torah, it is to lead you to the One who wrote the Torah, Jesus.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to the bible –

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. ” Acts 4:12

Mark, are you listening? If you are not working to see people get saved – and your own testimony says you are not, that you are “leading them to YHVH” – then you are not doing the work of Jesus.

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