Bible Prophecy Conference! “A World Turned Upside Down”


I just received this promo from Gonz Shimura for a prophecy conference that he and a team of prophecy experts are holding in November. Check out the trailer!

Gonz wrote:

We decided to call it: A World Turned Upside Down: Decoding the Dramatic New Signs Hastening the Lord’s Return. It will be held on November 14-15, 2014 in Dublin, Ohio. Live Streaming will also be available.

Our focus will be on the current escalation in geopolitical matters as it pertains to Bible Prophecy but also to help equip folks with the necessary tools to be effective and informed evangelists in their own communities.

The church and its institutions have largely ignored Bible Prophecy for decades and it has resulted in the watering down of the Gospel message. With the Lord’s help, and with folks like yourself (many who are already on this quest) we pray to be a small part in reversing this trend and turning people back to the Lord Jesus Christ and His prophetic message. 

More information here:

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Overview:  Today, THE PROPHECY FORUM announced its first conference in Dublin, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio) to take place on November 14-15, 2014.  Entitled, A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN:  DECODING THE DRAMATIC NEW SIGNS HASTENING THE LORD’S RETURN, this initial conference will feature eight different speakers and 20 in depth, first-time presentations addressing the most startling events making headlines today.   Several well-known, highly regarded authors and scholars head the list of speakers (one week from today, THE PROPHECY FORUM will confirm its list of speakers).  Its partner,TruNews will contribute to the conference in a variety of ways (details provided soon).

Messages:   Only a few short months ago, very different issues occupied the news.  As summer becomes fall, radical changes have transformed geo-politics.  Who could have predicted such stunning events would come to pass so quickly?  At the November conference in Columbus, featured speakers will discuss the topics below and analyze their meaning in light of Bible prophecy:

  • Will ISIS create its hoped-for caliphate in the Middle East?  Is the United States taking meaningful steps to stop it?  Does this development mean that antichrist will be Islamic?
  • Is the GAZA war against HAMAS really over?  Is another war with HEZBOLLAH likely to break out?  Are these wars fulfilling events described in Psalm 83, Zechariah 9, and Isaiah 17?  Where does the “Oracle of Damascus” fit into the current crisis?
  • Will Israel attack Iranian nuclear facilities?  Would this move to fulfill biblical prophecies concerning Elam?  Will it lead to Ezekiel’s war, known as the War of Gog and Magog?
  • Why are American churches growing so hostile toward Israel?   Is Zionism a conspiracy against Biblical principles as some critics assert?  Why are some American evangelicals, traditional supporters of Israel, now numbered among Israel’s opposition?
  • Is there a biblical distinction between Israel and the Church?  How are they alike and how are they dissimilar?  Is there a new way to interpret John’s “two witnesses” (Revelation 10, 11) given Paul’s teaching about the Church and Israel?  Does only Israel suffer in the Tribulation?
  • Why is the southern border of the United States barely being policed?  Why are tens of thousands flooding across the border? What are the long term consequences if millions more illegal immigrants enter the United States?
  • Is the United States poised for terrorist attack?  Could such assaults be carried out by ISIS?  Could multiple civilian sites be hit simultaneously?  How serious is this threat?
  • Will NATO and Russia go to war over the Ukraine?   Will Russia use nuclear weapons?  Is it considering a preemptive nuclear strike against European targets?
  • Could the U.S. be attacked by Russia, North Korea, China, or all three?  Will the U.S. be destroyed during the Great Tribulation?  Could it be destroyed before the Tribulation begins?
  • Will the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church be united in 2016?  What can we conclude about this spring’s meetings between charismatic leaders and the Pope?
  • Why are Evangelical churches deserting reformation doctrines of atonement, pending judgment, the coming apocalypse, and the priority of the Word of God for a mystical encounter of God with little to no mention of the cross of Christ?   Is the “Emergent Church” the Laodicean Church of Revelation 3?   Is this the great apostasy of the last days?
  • Will America withstand the world-wide attack on the dollar?  Is the US economy likely to collapse soon?  Is America “The Final Babylon”?  Must America implode to make room for Europe as the global world power—the “power base” of the antichrist?
  • Is the US military likely to challenge civilian leadership at the top?  Will the 2016 election happen as planned?   Is martial law a realistic possibility for the United States near-term?

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