Are Freemasons / Zionists Posing as Christian Prophecy Experts/Truthers?

UPDATED 4-1-2019

The Scofield’s Bible has made a massive impact on what is taught in Theological Seminaries and played a major part in the church’s indiscriminate support of the modern day state of Israel. Many of the well known “Christian Truthers and Prophecy Experts” are also outspokenly supportive of Israel. Are they just misguided, along with the rest of the church? As much as I wish that were the case, many of these people are regularly throwing Freemasonic hand signs.

Those who’ve been on this for any length of time know the media is controlled and any organization that has the funding to make a TV show and sell large numbers of books is being allowed and financed by somebody. Their purpose is to give us us a lot of truth but it’s the truth that the elite want us to have in order to steer  society (social engineering.)

It’s also the “Externalization of the Hierarchy.” They’re putting their “Illuminati” brazenly out in the open as well as other previously hidden things that need to come to an end in their current system. They’re doing this all while promoting support for political Israel and Zionism, because that’s their Mother Ship: Jerusalem and their Third Temple where they plan to have their false “Mashiach” will rule in the “New Age of Ascension.” What most of the church knows as the “thousand year reign of Christ” is really their plan for a rule of terror under the Antichrist, but just because it’s their plan doesn’t mean our Father will let them achieve it.

I don’t think anyone but the elite themselves know exactly how it’s all going to go down, but here is evidence of this orchestrated effort to bring us ‘Truth’ in a Zionist package.

“And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” Matthew 24:21

Deception is rampant in the world and in the church.

Following are excerpts from a lengthy article on Olivetjournal. Olivia’s site is down now, I’m not sure why, but if what I’ve experienced with Christian Observer is any indication, I’m sure she’s been attacked and her site possibly damaged.

Hand signs can be accidental, but pay attention if you start to notice them with regularity – and always look into what a person has to say about Christian Zionism and political Israel before listening to their teaching.

By Olivia

“We know that the Illuminati only promote their own. Therefore, if someone is promoted on clearly Zionist Illuminati TV/Cable Network (those who love the Zionist Israel and teach to support them), such as TBN, DAYSTAR, CBN, and ALL christian networks, and TV/Internet programs, such as “It’s Supernatural” by Sid Roth, and “This is Your Day” by Benny Hinn, and on YouTube, “Prophecy In The News” by Gary Spearman, without a doubt, he/she is one of them. Also they promote by magazines, such as “Charisma Magazine” and “Christianity Today,” so, if they are promoted by them, they are all in on it without an exception. It is simply because the Illuminati own ALL the media outlets. …Yes .. all of them.”



…”Hand signs I will mainly show are the following:”



And the next chart shows variations of the “Devils’ Horns.” These variations are seen not only in heavy metal music concerts, but also in christian teaching videos. They also use two thumbs up and index fingers of both hands held up like horns as a big horn sign.


This sign below is one of the most frequently seen among the preachers, politicians, and the entertainers. They represent the genital of their goddess, Vesica Piscis.


Yoni (female genital symbol) sign variations. These are from Yoga Mudra (hand poses) taken from As you will see, they use exactly the same hand signs as Yoga.

Freemasonry related information was gathered from the following:

… and many more Freemasonry documents. ”

No surprise here.

“Ecumenical Teachers

Billy Graham ;

Rick Warren ;

Word of Faith and Prosperity

Kenneth CopelandHe seems to be the leader of the Word of Faith and Prosperity scene now.

Catholic and Masonic Hand Signs
Vatican is an Illuminati owned Freemasonry run monster organization,
in case you have not noticed …

Collection from the Internet. Courtesy of the multiple bloggers. Thank you.
Messianic and Hebrew Roots Ministries

119 Ministries
11 and 9 are Masonic favorite numbers.
Their hands are pretty much “fixed” in the triangle positions throughout all teachings. ;

Almost every teaching video of 119 ministries opens up with a space theme, and with this “Eye of God,”
which is a favorite theme of the Illuminati.

Jim Staley
He has begun showing signs much more after 2013, and now, does it constantly. ;

More articles on Jim Staley

Jim Staley (Part 1) – A False Teacher Disguised in Truth
Jim Staley (Part 2) – His Zionist Connections


Mark Biltz
Extremely popular now for his blood moon prophecy. ;

More article on Mark Biltz

Mark Biltz: A False Prophet of the Blood Moon


More Messianic and Hebrew Roots teachers

Jonathan Cahn ( ; Jonathan Bernis ( ; Kirt Schneider ( ;

Prophecy Teachers


John Hagee
Teaches blood moon prophecy and the leader of Christian Zionists. ;


Chuck Missler
Many follow him, but just as the others … false. ;

Times Square Church


David Wilkerson
Many people cannot believe he is false, but the evidence abounds.

Fritz Springmeier Famous for 13 illuminati Bloodline research and books,and claims to have been harassed and incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, but, after that, he has been frequently invited to Alex Jones’ show. ;

Alex Jones

Show Hosts

Now, I can tell you with confidence that all those who are invited to and promoted by these shows are FALSE. When I confirm someone is false, he/she has invariably been on one or more of these shows, usually selling their books, CD/DVD, and teaching materials. Again … that makes it pretty much everyone around, doesn’t it?

As I mentioned earlier, they control everything and the degree of it is at the highest … near perfectly. And, everything is planned, calculated, and executed with precision. You can assume that everything is scripted and choreographed to a “T.” These shows were purposefully created to feature their false teachers and prophets to deceive the mass. So, no one outside of their league will be able to get on one of these shows … not a chance.

And, that is also true with other Zionist Media, such as WND and many other. And, by the way, the attacks from the controlled oppositions are part of the publicity too .. beware.

Some other teachers and prophets I did not include in the photo line-up but frequent these shows are: Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, Doug Hamp, Russ Dizdar, L.A. Marzulli, Joel Richardson, Paul McGuire, Joan Hunter, John Bevere, and more and more … Here is a google search result of the term “It’s Supernatural guests” for you to see some of the false ones at a glance.

So, the following are the photos of the show hosts themselves showing the hand signs.

Sid Roth (It’s Supernatural)
Once you know that all Messianic ministries are false, it is clear about this show.
He teaches “One New Man” is the Gentiles and the Khazarian Jews .. FALSE.
Notice all those Kabbalah hexagrams covering the “globe.” ;

 Gary Spearman (Prophecy In The News)
Now, I did not know about this show until I began researching false ministries.
Guests are more to do with prophecies, but over lap with Sid Roth’s guests.
And, like all the other, very Zionistic, and loves Mark Biltz.

LA Marzulli. He is the man who shows cone-head skulls everywhere he goes and implies these Nephilim with cone heads will come and fill the earth … Really? Would you believe him if you see his hand signs he is throwing, just as all the other Masonic-Illuminati actors, musicians, politicians, false teachers, false prophets, who are deceiving the whole world?

Marzulli is another Illuminati actor, a hypocrite, who is deceiving you and entertaining you with fantastic science fiction story, appearing in all the Illuminati propaganda shows.,

And, his partner, Russ Dizdar, is another Illuminati agent who is trying to scare us with the story of force bred hybrid of human and Nephilim among us that will one day show their Zombie like true nature in a massive scale in churches and everywhere, called “Black Awakening.” He also claims that he is a deliverance minister of the satanic ritualistic abuse victims. I have no comment on that, but just do not believe anything he says.,

Pat Robertson (CBN, 700 Club)

Good old 700 Club. They promote musicians and politicians as well. ;

Cable Networks

Just to make sure to show you that these and all christian cable and TV networks were also created and run by the family of the Illuminati. They are blatantly Satanic and Masonic, and just like the shows I mentioned above, they ONLY PROMOTE and AIR THEIR FRIENDS … the Masonic Illuminati Zionists.

Hopefully, by now. you have heard this enough times and seen enough of these obscene hand signs, and feeling fed up like I am …”

 Here are a few more:

Paula White
Joyce Meyer
Daisy Fuentes
Paul McQuire
Kenneth Copeland
Bill Schnoeblin
Doug Hamp
Steve Quayle
Joel Osteen
Charles Stanley


Keep your eyes open for these as you watch your favorite television and online preachers and “prophecy experts.”


“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” -Matthew 10:16


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