Are Freemasons / Zionists Posing as Christian Prophecy Experts/Truthers?

Are Freemasons / Zionists Posing as Christian Prophecy Experts/Truthers?

UPDATED 4-1-2019

The Scofield’s Bible has made a massive impact on what is taught in Theological Seminaries and played a major part in the church’s indiscriminate support of the modern day state of Israel. Many of the well known “Christian Truthers and Prophecy Experts” are also outspokenly supportive of Israel. Are they just misguided, along with the rest of the church? As much as I wish that were the case, many of these people are regularly throwing Freemasonic hand signs.

Those who’ve been on this for any length of time know the media is controlled and any organization that has the funding to make a TV show and sell large numbers of books is being allowed and financed by somebody. Their purpose is to give us us a lot of truth but it’s the truth that the elite want us to have in order to steer  society (social engineering.)

It’s also the “Externalization of the Hierarchy.” They’re putting their “Illuminati” brazenly out in the open as well as other previously hidden things that need to come to an end in their current system. They’re doing this all while promoting support for political Israel and Zionism, because that’s their Mother Ship: Jerusalem and their Third Temple where they plan to have their false “Mashiach” will rule in the “New Age of Ascension.” What most of the church knows as the “thousand year reign of Christ” is really their plan for a rule of terror under the Antichrist, but just because it’s their plan doesn’t mean our Father will let them achieve it.

I don’t think anyone but the elite themselves know exactly how it’s all going to go down, but here is evidence of this orchestrated effort to bring us ‘Truth’ in a Zionist package.

“And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” Matthew 24:21

Deception is rampant in the world and in the church.

Following are excerpts from a lengthy article on Olivetjournal. Olivia’s site is down now, I’m not sure why, but if what I’ve experienced with Christian Observer is any indication, I’m sure she’s been attacked and her site possibly damaged.

Hand signs can be accidental, but pay attention if you start to notice them with regularity – and always look into what a person has to say about Christian Zionism and political Israel before listening to their teaching.

By Olivia

“We know that the Illuminati only promote their own. Therefore, if someone is promoted on clearly Zionist Illuminati TV/Cable Network (those who love the Zionist Israel and teach to support them), such as TBN, DAYSTAR, CBN, and ALL christian networks, and TV/Internet programs, such as “It’s Supernatural” by Sid Roth, and “This is Your Day” by Benny Hinn, and on YouTube, “Prophecy In The News” by Gary Spearman, without a doubt, he/she is one of them. Also they promote by magazines, such as “Charisma Magazine” and “Christianity Today,” so, if they are promoted by them, they are all in on it without an exception. It is simply because the Illuminati own ALL the media outlets. …Yes .. all of them.”



…”Hand signs I will mainly show are the following:”



And the next chart shows variations of the “Devils’ Horns.” These variations are seen not only in heavy metal music concerts, but also in christian teaching videos. They also use two thumbs up and index fingers of both hands held up like horns as a big horn sign.


This sign below is one of the most frequently seen among the preachers, politicians, and the entertainers. They represent the genital of their goddess, Vesica Piscis.


Yoni (female genital symbol) sign variations. These are from Yoga Mudra (hand poses) taken from As you will see, they use exactly the same hand signs as Yoga.

Freemasonry related information was gathered from the following:

… and many more Freemasonry documents. ”

No surprise here.

“Ecumenical Teachers

Billy Graham ;

Rick Warren ;

Word of Faith and Prosperity

Kenneth CopelandHe seems to be the leader of the Word of Faith and Prosperity scene now.

Catholic and Masonic Hand Signs
Vatican is an Illuminati owned Freemasonry run monster organization,
in case you have not noticed …

Collection from the Internet. Courtesy of the multiple bloggers. Thank you.
Messianic and Hebrew Roots Ministries

119 Ministries
11 and 9 are Masonic favorite numbers.
Their hands are pretty much “fixed” in the triangle positions throughout all teachings. ;

Almost every teaching video of 119 ministries opens up with a space theme, and with this “Eye of God,”
which is a favorite theme of the Illuminati.

Jim Staley
He has begun showing signs much more after 2013, and now, does it constantly. ;

More articles on Jim Staley

Jim Staley (Part 1) – A False Teacher Disguised in Truth
Jim Staley (Part 2) – His Zionist Connections


Mark Biltz
Extremely popular now for his blood moon prophecy. ;

More article on Mark Biltz

Mark Biltz: A False Prophet of the Blood Moon


More Messianic and Hebrew Roots teachers

Jonathan Cahn ( ; Jonathan Bernis ( ; Kirt Schneider ( ;

Prophecy Teachers


John Hagee
Teaches blood moon prophecy and the leader of Christian Zionists. ;


Chuck Missler
Many follow him, but just as the others … false. ;

Times Square Church


David Wilkerson
Many people cannot believe he is false, but the evidence abounds.

Fritz Springmeier Famous for 13 illuminati Bloodline research and books,and claims to have been harassed and incarcerated for a crime he did not commit, but, after that, he has been frequently invited to Alex Jones’ show. ;

Alex Jones

Show Hosts

Now, I can tell you with confidence that all those who are invited to and promoted by these shows are FALSE. When I confirm someone is false, he/she has invariably been on one or more of these shows, usually selling their books, CD/DVD, and teaching materials. Again … that makes it pretty much everyone around, doesn’t it?

As I mentioned earlier, they control everything and the degree of it is at the highest … near perfectly. And, everything is planned, calculated, and executed with precision. You can assume that everything is scripted and choreographed to a “T.” These shows were purposefully created to feature their false teachers and prophets to deceive the mass. So, no one outside of their league will be able to get on one of these shows … not a chance.

And, that is also true with other Zionist Media, such as WND and many other. And, by the way, the attacks from the controlled oppositions are part of the publicity too .. beware.

Some other teachers and prophets I did not include in the photo line-up but frequent these shows are: Tom Horn, Cris Putnam, Doug Hamp, Russ Dizdar, L.A. Marzulli, Joel Richardson, Paul McGuire, Joan Hunter, John Bevere, and more and more … Here is a google search result of the term “It’s Supernatural guests” for you to see some of the false ones at a glance.

So, the following are the photos of the show hosts themselves showing the hand signs.

Sid Roth (It’s Supernatural)
Once you know that all Messianic ministries are false, it is clear about this show.
He teaches “One New Man” is the Gentiles and the Khazarian Jews .. FALSE.
Notice all those Kabbalah hexagrams covering the “globe.” ;

 Gary Spearman (Prophecy In The News)
Now, I did not know about this show until I began researching false ministries.
Guests are more to do with prophecies, but over lap with Sid Roth’s guests.
And, like all the other, very Zionistic, and loves Mark Biltz.

LA Marzulli. He is the man who shows cone-head skulls everywhere he goes and implies these Nephilim with cone heads will come and fill the earth … Really? Would you believe him if you see his hand signs he is throwing, just as all the other Masonic-Illuminati actors, musicians, politicians, false teachers, false prophets, who are deceiving the whole world?

Marzulli is another Illuminati actor, a hypocrite, who is deceiving you and entertaining you with fantastic science fiction story, appearing in all the Illuminati propaganda shows.,

And, his partner, Russ Dizdar, is another Illuminati agent who is trying to scare us with the story of force bred hybrid of human and Nephilim among us that will one day show their Zombie like true nature in a massive scale in churches and everywhere, called “Black Awakening.” He also claims that he is a deliverance minister of the satanic ritualistic abuse victims. I have no comment on that, but just do not believe anything he says.,

Pat Robertson (CBN, 700 Club)

Good old 700 Club. They promote musicians and politicians as well. ;

Cable Networks

Just to make sure to show you that these and all christian cable and TV networks were also created and run by the family of the Illuminati. They are blatantly Satanic and Masonic, and just like the shows I mentioned above, they ONLY PROMOTE and AIR THEIR FRIENDS … the Masonic Illuminati Zionists.

Hopefully, by now. you have heard this enough times and seen enough of these obscene hand signs, and feeling fed up like I am …”

 Here are a few more:

Paula White

Joyce Meyer

Daisy Fuentes

Paul McQuire

Kenneth Copeland

Bill Schnoeblin

Doug Hamp

Steve Quayle

Joel Osteen

Charles Stanley


Keep your eyes open for these as you watch your favorite television and online preachers and “prophecy experts.”


“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” -Matthew 10:16



  1. I know russ dizdar personally. I’ve been to his home multiple times. Ive broken bread with him his wife and other brothers and sisters at his home. It’s not wise or beneficial to blatantly call out people you don’t know personally and say they are freemasons and frauds. That’s horrible! I agree that some of the folks on your list are false teachers. Their fruits show it. I’ve seen russ’s fruit first hand. The information he puts out is 30 years worth of interviews and research. He was a pastor and police chaplain. Please, for the sake of good people’s names, rethink profiling people with the very little info you have about them.

  2. Roy Galutia says:

    The pics of hand positions really prove nothing could take pictures of ordinary people with no connection with the masons and you would see virtually ALL of what is seen in these pics ,,,,

  3. You mention on the Sacred Name page that the The Greek Septuagint never used the Tetragrammaton, and it wasn’t included in any Scripture until 1000AD. That’s incorrect, check out this page.. It shows copies of the Septuagint dating back to the 1st century, with Elohim’s name. Plus it’s written not in Aramaic Hebrew as is used now but the original Paleo Hebrew. This was before they started replacing His name with the pagan titles Lord and God.

  4. @For the love of Yah That’s great to hear brother. Yahuah called me out and showed me their names too. If others refuse to acknowledge the Father and Son’s true names and would rather continue calling them by the names of pagan deities (which is blasphemy btw) that’s on them. Hopefully they’ll eventually acknowledge their error “for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven given among men by which we are saved”. Acts 4:12

  5. Also, how I know this is His true name, Yahuah, because I asked Him to show me. And this is what I found.

  6. @YCNightingale You are right, Yahweh & Yeshua are not their names. I am still learning and seeking truth like everyone else. And what I’ve found since that post through extensive research is that they are (Aramaic/Babylonian/modern Hebrew) corruptions of their original (Paleo Hebrew) names, which are Yahuah & Yahusha. “I [YAHUsha] have come in My Father’s name [YAHUah], and you have not received Me; but if someone else comes in his own name [Jesus Christ], you will receive him.” – John 5:43. Yahusha means ‘YAH saves’ in Hebrew (sorry I don’t buy your article that says Elohim didn’t give us His name, I AM is not Hebrew, but the letters used to form His name mean that). You on the other hand call him ‘God’ (named after the Babylonian deity Gad) and His Son Jesus, which is a False Messiah who claims himself to be god incarnate, part of the (pagan) trinity, named after the son of Zeus, and who’s name ‘Jesus’ means “earth pig” in Latin. His very name declares him a beast, as opposed Yahusha meaning “Elohim saves”. Even the title Lord is also pagan (from Lares, Roman deities of the household). Sacred name and Hebrew roots are not “illuminati controlled” as you claim. Maybe certain groups as they try to control every facet of society. But not the concepts, which are merely attempting to take all the paganism out of mainstream Christianity, which is itself Mystery Babylon, the religion of the antichrist/false Messiah.

  7. YCNightingale says:

    Thank you Daniel. You are absolutely right about all but one thing here, and that’s the tetragrammaton / “sacred name” of God (Yahweh). Their deception knows no bounds: Also, please check out Deanne’s book in the sidebar. 😉

  8. If you really search you will find every single mainstream preacher, prophet and televangelist with any sizable amount of following making these masonic and Satanic hand signs. For a long time I couldn’t understand why, because most of them never swayed from mainstream Christian doctrine. Then I started really studying the Scriptures (excluding the KJV which contrary to all the pro-KJV propaganda out there is not the true Word but is translated from the Textus Receptus which drew heavily from the paganized Latin Vulgate of the Vatican). And I started realizing that mainstream Christianity as a whole is not Scriptural, but is “another gospel”, a gospel that os infused with paganism. Christmas, Easter, the trinity/triune god, Sunday worship, cross veneration, etc. etc., it’s all pagan in origin. The Protestants protested against all the paganism in Catholicism yet ironically they adopted most of it into their religions. This is why you hear these people preaching about their Lord Jesus Christ, god in the flesh, on SUNday with a cross hanging from their neck while flashing the devil horns.

    We are not suppose to follow any religion or practice any religious traditions. We are suppose to love our God Yahweh and His Son Yeshua, and follow their commandments, nothing more. Mystery Babylon the Great (Catholic Church), mother of harlots (Protestant Churches) and abominations of the earth (apostate doctrines and customs). Come out of her my people, and do not partake of their sins.

  9. YCNightingale says:

    Please read up on the Sacred Name/Hebrew Roots Movements which are as much Kabbalist/Freemasonic/Zionist creations as the Dispensational Christian Prophecy teachings:

  10. For the love of Yah says:

    Yahusua HaMasiach told us to follow NO man. In that He was pointing to these various serpents. I too grew up with a hand full of these so called men of “God” but the Most High Elohim, Yahuah, called me out. Just as the verses say, come out of her! Our Messiah and True Elohim are showing us that we just need to follow scripture, test scripture, pray unceasingly and grow closer to our Abba. It is very true Narrow is the Way. May we ask that He who is in us show us His true way and not the lies of these Satanic leaders that try and lead the True set apart church and Bride of Messiah away in these end days. May we hear the hearkening of the Ruach HaKodesh and be led unto and rest in the sweet bosom of our Father. Shalom and HalleluYah!

  11. YCNightingale says:

    Thank you for your insights, Anne.

  12. The International Christian Embassy as well as mega-churches such as Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa in California have been associated with the funding of the Jerusalem Temple Foundation (JTF) founded by a Jewish terrorist, Stanley Goldfoot and several leading American evangelicals.
    Terry Reisenhoover is the chairman and Goldfoot its international secretary. According to the Israeli newspaper Davar, as a member of the Stern Gang and also Irgun, Goldfoot was responsible for planting the bomb at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22nd July 1946 which killed 100 British soldiers and officials. In 1948 he was also convicted and jailed by an Israeli court for the murder of UN envoy Count Bernadotte.145 Goldfoot has subsequently been influential in raising large sums of money, allegedly up to $100 million a year, for the JTF through American Christian TV and Radio stations and evangelical churches. Although van der Hoeven has denied direct involvement in efforts to see the Jewish Temple rebuilt, he has admitted that, “…when supporters volunteer to give money for building a temple, he directs them to Goldfoot.

  13. Thanks for the links!

  14. LycanWarrior says:

    Hate to say it, but it seems to be true.

    Most if not all of the these “Christian” preachers are indeed 33rd Degree Freemasons, if this YT video is to be believed:

    Another website also showing the Freemason connection with not only Evangelical Christianity but also Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, 7th day Adventist, etc.,

  15. Eva Hagberg says:

    I wouldn’t automatically ditch all of these preachers pictured above, not bqsed on these photos alone. The alleged handgestures in the pictures of Wilkerson are quite vague, I think. Whatch your own handmovements as you do a presentation in front of a group of people, and I’m sure you will be able to catch a moment here and there where your hands naturally happens to move through something that could be viewed as a masonic sign in the eye of a judgmental audience. I found myself sitting with my hands in one o f these ways at the hairdressers the other week… I’m just sain’. There is a lot of intentional handsignals for sure, but we can get too paranoid here…. (I have had a few dubts about Missler’s agenda, but I do not think the photos above are proof of anything). Rabbi Kahn is not convincing me as being Masonic signs it these photos either. Hagee perhaps look a little more deliberate, but don’t be too quik to jump to conclusions.

  16. Amen to that, Pam!

  17. LoverOfChrist says:

    I feel so disappointed too. I would rather find out now than later though. Billy Graham is one I always watched as a kid too. And David Wilkerson really got me. Better to trust in God alone, not man. Now I pray for all to see through the deception and lies and that these preachers will repent and turn to God also. Love in Christ Jesus.

  18. I’m so broken hearted to find out that some of my favorite prophecy preachers are Freemasons. Uno I just threw away Billy Graham’s book ” Just as I’am “, my mom like to watch Billy’s sermons I thought he was boring, I was just a kid, but now he is an age man at 98 ready to die any moment. Will he make it to Heaven, God only knows! Then there’s LA Marzulli, Spearmen, Robinson, TD, Joel, Hinn, Hagee etc… Are All these preachers going to hell? The only way these preachers can escaped hell fire, is by publicly renouncing there membership as Freemasons, which will probably never happen. The only way these false prophets will do that if you put a gun to there heads and tell them you got one choice Heaven or Hell. Sorry l got little out hand, I’m mad as heck cause I purchased a lot of their DVD’s & books. Now what to do watch or read, the Bible is the only I can trust now, l’m so depressed right now I just wanna cry brother, l wish i could speak to someone right now, and if and when you get this comment message, lf you like to talk to me please to do so my email down below or you can call me @(number removed to protect Jerry) . Thank You & God Bless You For showing me the reality of these preachers. Maranatha maranatha, Come Lord Jesus Come!

  19. Timothy Thomas says:

    Since the announcement that Donald Trump was running for President . Something just wasn’t right or “Something Around The House so to say ” . The things Trump say’s Tickle the ear and I must admitt are nice to think about . But as far as one to use knowledge and realism add with critical thinking skills , something many are lacking in today’s society . I said a couple moths before election day to my wife that . Most of what Trump says is great ,Nationalism , Protecting the boarders , Jobs , even saying he would stand for CHRISTIANS . I went on , Trump saying things that have never been voiced over the platforms of the main stream had never been voiced . Even mentioning 9-11 inside job ,pawning it on the sudis .cOUPLED WITH Speaking publicly about corruption .
    This is when I knew this is too good to be true . And that he is exact Polar opposite to Obama . And that if he got the Oval office . Then he , Trump is part of one of the best hollywood drama story tells they could muster . Or like unto the pro wrestling . Wherein the super in your face bad guy reigns supreme . As they let the fans suffer only to finally let the good guys win . This is the equivalent of a blockbuster show similar Walking Dead . When the extreme bad guy oppresses and degrades the good guys for a whole season or so . And Trump comes along staring in the season premier knocking barry soetoro Obama to the ground with a body slam . The rings true more than ever as follows IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS . About 2 months before the election I heard Trump mouth his favorite Pastor’s Name, Vincent Peale . The propaganda new age peddlar and 32 or 33rd degree mason shriner . As well I heard Trump making a speech to evangelicals saying to the effect that he is going to make them heard in washington . What he said exactly I can’t quote although it made me immediately think about the union of Church and State . The Union of which we all know will give the ultimate power unto the beast . This all made sense now to the fact of how Obama was so overly dynamically – against Christians Persecuting, blocking visas of Christians . As well as his statements such as Christians are terrorist at a prayer bfast and other blasphemies . This obama behavior was by design. As I believe Trumps in your face say it like I want campaign was by design . I will explain .
    We Know the AGENDA ,to seat the vatican as overseer of the world . With a clear agenda of One world rule, under one world religion stated I move on . Next comes one of what I believe to possibly be the last of the . THESIS Obama who I believe is one of last major thesis’s to the end of the world as we know it . Know we have 8 years of Obama oppressing Christians and liberty lovers and anyone with a morale compass . Through enacting” multisex bathrooms ” which is one of the over the top along with gay marriage . I believe these issues have been in the playbook getting dusty for the last Thesis to PRES reign in the oval. One could expect after 8 years of extreme wickedness in legislation and in society. That the youth and left leaning crowd got fat off of obama’s spoon fed anything goes rhetoric. Coupled with propaganda from sanders and clinton we have millions that are mislead and brainwashed . Believing they are entitled to what everyone has and the world owes them a living . They will come out in droves as we see to riot and scream . Although what proves they are brain washed by repeat messages . Is the fact that when confronted . The young collage age angry people cant even tell one why they are mad .Other than Trump is a racist etc . Which Isn’t even relative . Although he didn’t imply he was racist in the campaign. So we have millions heated up ready to blow at a moments notice . I can’t wait to see what the anti synthesis does to strir up the right leaning or conservatives and even Bible believing Christians up Not to say we Christians are not unsettled or even angry at the state of the world and the degree of sin with in it . Although we mind our business and IF NOBODY BOTHERS US WE WON’T BOTHER THEM .
    Next we have the anti synthesis . Anti synthesis is of course the exact opposite and will clash on all fronts with it’s foe synthesis . In enters TRUMP. It is about 2 weeks after the election and the left are still paying people to go out and scream and break things . Trump isn’t even in office as of yet and he is eluding to breaking promises already . Not building the WALL which I didn’t want anyway as I may want a way to escape if the need should arise . It is just nice to know one could if he wanted to . As well as the Clinton prosecution seems to be in the air . When I heard Trump say to the highest Catholic Bishop in America that he would champion against ANTI CATHOLIC BIAS . This was a double confirmation that he is truly on the beasts payroll so to say. That statement coupled with GLOBAL COMMUNITY . TRUMP is hip to truth lingo such as NWO , GLOBALISM etc . So in the same JESUIT sponsored speech he mentions he will if PODUS , STRENGTHEN THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY . Game set match . I would ask if hand signal expert could let me know of Trumps using hand gesture or symbols ? Thank You and God Bless

  20. many of them are actually crypto jews too

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