Artemis, Queen of Broken Arrows… TISTF | Thoughts on the Scrubbed Moon Landing

I got excited about the new moon production for a minute too. Oh well. Guess we’ll have to wait. Check out those rocket thrusters. They remind me of my inflatable kayak. The whole “outer space” narrative is so nonsensical anymore that you wonder if they’re intentionally exposing it. Actually I’m sure they are. And as Will points out, you wonder how the whole “woman on the moon” thing fits in with the current “non-binary” push. Anyway, as usual, excellent video. I’m also posting an informative interview and a personal testimony below it.

YouTube video

Lee Arne interviewed Bart Sibrel (well known for exposing the moon landing as a hoax) this summer.

YouTube video

And yet another person confesses to playing a part in it.

YouTube video


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