Only a few days ago, dramatic video footage has been published on Youtube (see screen capture above) in which a commercial airliner is being filmed from behind, in close proximity…and quite clearly we see stuff spraying out of the airliner. Clearly, we can see the spray turning off and on. Someone, somewhere (most likely at a military installation) is flipping a switch.

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Subterranean Secrets Revealed

North portal, Cheyenne Mountain “Not only is our government focused on building deep secret cities, but so are Illuminati families.” by Fritz Springmeier. The beautiful artwork in ancient Spanish caves, or the catacombs in Rome remind us that man has always had an underground presence. During the 1990’s, my research … Read More

The Demonic Deception

There is a great demonic deception underway and the average church going, working person thinks that these concepts are too “out there” to possibly be true. I am going to go through some of the evidences of this deception to encourage people to look at them without preconceived bias, because this deception is real and those who are naive to it are at high risk to succumb to it.

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Orbs – What Are They?

Updated 5/18/2016 Orbs. What are these things? My neighbors were sitting on their front porch one evening in 2013 when they saw these strange, glowing objects coming up from across the street. The objects climbed until they were over their home and disappeared. The only orb I have personally seen … Read More

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