Engineered System over Chicago, 6-14-18

Aircrap | June 15, 2018

Patrick Roddie  – Manufactured storm during night – A giant fake system was engineered over Chicago, June 14, 2018 – and was captured by the GOES-16 geostationary satellite. A huge upburst of something that looked like steam billowed up before the sunrise and grew into a massive system shedding creepy tendrils. If this was water vapor, what heat source was available to create so much steam in the middle of the night?

YouTube video

Notice the long and wide chemtrail dump(s) as it develops at 5 o’clock position.
Notice how normal cirrus clouds disappear over the lake region as chembomb encroaches
Notice the cloud magnetic domain (ripple clouds) at far left screen approaching Western Iowa.
Formation of this huge storm, upwelling and outflow at night with no solar contribution is the footprint of weather engineering under cover of darkness.
Aerosol dumps via fleet of cargo aircraft or drones will go unnoticed at night.

Gained status on RAMMB as Image of the day complete with lightening activity

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