Flat Earth & The Bible – We are NOT Stars

Flat Earth & The Bible – We are NOT Stars

In Episode 1 of Flat Earth & The Bible we ask a few questions on the significance of the stars. Is there a deeper meaning of what they have been teaching us about the Sun, Moon and Stars? Why is science and occult philosophy teaching the same thing? Could the biggest lie of all with God’s creation have a unifying way of bringing on the New World Order? We explore and learn more about the beginning connections and where they could lead. We are made in God’s image. We are not made from stars. The entire heliocentric model of our universe is a lie. Don’t let Satan deceive you.

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  1. Zephaniah 1:1-7The Voice (VOICE)

    1 The Eternal One had a message for the whole world, and He gave it toa man named Zephaniah when Josiah (Amon’s son) was the king of Judah. Zephaniah’s father was Cushi, the son of Gedaliah (Amariah’s son and a descendant of a commoner named Hezekiah).

    Eternal One: I am going to wipe the face of the earth clean of every living thing.
    I will wipe away both people and animals;
    Even the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea will be swept away.
    Rubble and ruin will be all that is left with the wicked[a]
    When I cut off humanity from the face of the earth.
    I will use My powerful hand to crush the people of Judah
    and those who make Jerusalem their home.
    I will remove from this place every reminder and remainder offalse divine masters;[b]
    the names of those pagan priests will be forgotten along withMy priests.
    I will use My power against those who worship creation—
    those who bow down on their roofs before the multitude of stars in heaven—
    And against those who bow down and pledge allegiance
    to both the Eternal One and false gods such as Milcom, god of the Ammonites.
    I will use My power against those who used to worship the Eternal One
    but turned their backs and no longer follow Me.
    They don’t look to Me anymore for help and guidance.
    Keep quiet now! You are standing before the Eternal Lord
    because the day of the Eternal One is near;
    His judgment is coming. He has prepared the sacrifice,
    and He has chosen His guests with care.

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