Hurricane Michael – Eco-Terrorism – LEO “Space Fence” in Action

The Space Fence System is a ground-based “space” surveillance radar system designed to detect and track all objects in “Low Earth Orbit (LEO)” (ie. inside the firmament) the size of a softball or larger.


Harold Saive 

SOLAREN: Directed Energy Satellites Provide California Power and Weather Control (Source)

Solaren Corp. is based in Manhattan Beach, CA. They holds two patents for transmitting microwave directed energy from space to pinpoint locations on earth.

1 – Under patent US7612284B2, a solar-powered satellite will generate a powerful microwave radio frequency beam focused on an array of collector antennas where it will be transformed to electrical power supplied to PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric)

2- Under patent US20110204159A1, a solar-powered satellite will generate a powerful microwave radio frequency beam to control the weather by heating deployments of aluminum oxide or other conductive particulates, sprayed from aircraft. The patent describes methods of steering and changing the intensity of a hurricane. (More)

Controlling Hurricanes -Scientific American (2004)

GOES-16 – Hurricane Michael – 09-Oct-2019 – 121728 UTC

Clouds seeded with metallic aerosols create magnetic domains when directed energy applied in order to manipulate and steer TC Michael



10/8/2018 Rance Smith 

YouTube video

10/9/2018 Rance Smith analysis of Hurricane Michael

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10/10/2018 Rance Smith Followup Report – Seeding Cloud Wall

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10/10/2018 Rance Smith Climate Engineering Report (Radar and MIMIC map “anomalies”)

YouTube video

Seeding Eye Wall – Hurricane Michael


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