John MacArthur on Dispensationalism and The Blood of Jesus

The chief problem with dispensationalism is that it requires two plans of salvation, adding to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Still, I was surprised to hear John McArthur’s comments about the blood of Jesus.

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In certain circles, John MacArthur is revered as an “evangelical” icon. Listen to MacArthur’s own candid confessions (now posted on YouTube) which reveal the root cause and sole purpose for defending “Dispensationalism”…

YouTube video

YouTube video

“…here’s my dispensationalism, okay? I’ll give it to you in one sentence. There’s a difference between the church and Israel, period. If you understand that, you understand the essence of what I believe is a legitimateBiblical dispensationalism…” ~ John MacArthur

John MacArthur


YouTube video

John MacArthur says that the Blood of Christ doesn’t save us????


“Dispensationalism” became “fact”, after the advent of “Israel’s return to the Holy Land” in 1948.  No amount of solid Scriptural evidence to the contrary– can seem to sway these sincere, but misguided, people!

David Cloud’s new Ebook concerning “Replacement Theology” – page 67

Author David Cloud likens “Israel’s return” in 1948 to being “as great a miracle as the resurrection from the dead”!!! 

(See: David Cloud’s Ebook, July 2017, page 67 – commenting on Ezekiel 37)  ————————–>


For more examples of the errors that “Dispensationalism” leads to— click this link to view IFB itinerant speaker, Sam Gipp’s Sensational-Dispensational nonsense!

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