Lubbock, TX Residents Raising Awareness About Smart Meters

Hats off to Burly Owen and Elizabeth Padgett. This takes a lot of effort, but more of us need to be doing it.


Burley Owen and Elizabeth Padgett are working to hand out information that includes their concerns about the wireless, digital smart meters.

These meters work by sending information back to the electric company, without requiring a meter reader to go out and physically read each meter.

Owen and Padgett said they are most concerned over the health issues they worry could arise if the meters are put in place.

“Furnish us with scientific information that these meters will not harm us, and I would say that’s the gist of the argument: prove to us that they are safe,” said Owen.

Owen said information he’s seen about the meters point to issues like headaches, nausea, and more that only started after the meters were put into a new place.

“We do not know the harmful effects that will occur over 10, 15, 20, 30 year period,” said Owen about studies he’s read on the meters.

Owen also said he’s worried about privacy issues that go along with the wireless transmission of the information.

At the moment, the LP&L Electric Utility Board said they’re still in the early stages of learning about smart meters and no decisions have been made to bring them to Lubbock yet.  Not only would the Electric Board have to approve the change, but City Council would also have to approve the change so that money could be allotted for the change over.

Padgett said she would like the option to opt-out of the installation, should these meters come to Lubbock.

There are two bills currently filed in the Texas Legislature about smart meters.  One, proposed by Representative Simpson would make it so people would not be charged to have the smart meters removed from their homes.

The other, filed in the State Senate by Senator Carona also deals with opting out of the smart meters, but makes it so people would have to pay for the opting out.

More of the information Owen and Padgett are talking about can be found at Lubbock Against Smart Meters, as well as Texans Against Smart Meters. (both links are dead.)

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