Free Electricity! Tesla’s Secret

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Comment by Anti NWO on Youtube:

In laymen terms, this inventor has produced what is called an “Earth Battery” and I strongly encourage everyone to investigate/research Earth Batteries right after seeing this video, its free electricity and was used to power the telegraphs in the United States in the 1800s but was shut down by JP Morgan and others so they could sell electricity to the world wide population.

Earth batteries work today and some farmers opt to use them to power their farms but they keep it secret to avoid “visitations” …………………

Basically, an earth battery is when you take 2 copper rods that are 30 feet long and have a diameter of about 3 inches thick and the farmer will sink the first copper pole into the ground about 20 feet deep and about 50 yards SOUTH of his farm. Then the farmer will take the second copper pole and sink it into the ground 20 feet about 50 yards NORTH of his farm.

So this then means that about 10 feet of the copper poles are above ground.

Then the farmer takes a large gauge wire and connects it to the top of the first copper pole and strings that wire 100 yards to the north copper pole and connects that wire to the top of that pole. Now the farmer runs his farm’s electrical wiring to the center of that wire and WaLa, he has free power…………………

The magnetic fields of the Earth are moving at a certain speed through the ground coming from the south “pole” of the earth running to the north “pole” of the earth and searches for the path of least resistance when it runs into the copper pole that is south of the farm and as the magnetic field passes the pole it moves electrons in the pole like a generator does when magnets pass a copper wire.

This then creates electrical current that races up the pole, then races into the wire between the poles and then reaches the north copper pole and back into the ground it goes because the 2 copper poles and the wire between them are the path of least resistance but while the current travels through the wire between the poles it is used to power the farm.

This is called an Earth Battery. In this video the potato represents the earth, the magnet on one side of the potato represents the earth’s south pole, the magnet on the other side of the potato represents the earth’s north pole and the light in the center represents the farm.

The great Pyramids of Egypt are Earth Batteries but the public is not supposed to know that so I shall not overstep my clearance here but you get the idea… .. ..

YouTube video

Word of caution: There’s a lot of New Age nonsense that builds itself upon this simple scientific principle.


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