RAPTURE of the ORB (music to shatter the mind-sphere)

YouTube video

“…The noosphere. This is the idol that really translates into your life and mine. This is the realm where we’re going to be required to make very difficult choices. And at some point in the near future it could be as simple as, you know, if you want to use the internet you gotta give us your biometrics…

The fact that this is all coming right on the heels of injectables. Is that just coincidental? I do not believe so…

And if that day does come where you have to choose between either be raptured by the orb… or be marooned in the desert outside of the digital economy… I find myself praying more and more these days that I would be ready to make that decision. That I’d make the right choice… even if it’s not the “mark”…

But it is about worship in the end… whether you’re buying into some elaborate, techno-mystic transhumanist ideology or you just wanna get by, in the end you’re bowin’ down….”

The “Orb”

Commonly used in occultism by witches and sorcerers to predict the future. Now used to collect biometric data to determine / “predict”  identity.

The sinister, glowing Saudi orb that Trump touched in a viral moment was given as a gift to the US, which then hid it out of embarrassment, new book says. – Business Insider


“The likely Leonardo da Vinci painting “Salvator Mundi” looks straightforward at first glance: a depiction of Jesus Christ in Renaissance-era clothing, raising one hand in blessing and holding a clear orb in the other.” –


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