New Star Wars Movie by NASA & Co. ? ✞

YouTube video

Is NASA working on a new Star Wars movie? Sure they are!

They show us FAKE Space 24/7 to make us believe we live on a rapidly spinning Space Ball tumbling off into Infinity… to make you believe you are nothing but an insignificant speck of dust in an accidental ever expanding universe.

They hide God Almighty and Jesus Christ from you and brainwash you with pseudoscience and “Space Dreams” like Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens etc.


Research Flat Earth.

Part 1 of the video by Jinhan Park Let There Be Light__Pt.28 [The True Boundaries of Our Heaven]…

Part 2 of the video by tellmewhatyoulove NASA and STAR WARS _ The Connections Are Strong…

Part 3 of the video by me 😉 My Loveletter to NASA, Cassini and Saturn 😉 ✞…

May God Almighty bless and protect y’all! Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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