“PLANE OF THE HUMANISTS” [ a worldview re-view… ]

” Do you believe in the REALITY of what God is telling you….or are you living in the deception/matrix with religious sugar coating? Are you religious or do you live i.e. do you stand in the truth?”

We’re barely aware of it; at least I speak for myself, but thinking about daily encounters; “upper story” conversations are politely left in a separate compartment out of reverence for humanistic cultural norms until some keyword signals a desire to open that door. Of course that’s only the beginning. Our “upper story” narratives have been so infiltrated, so convoluted, that definitions need to be established before meaningful conversation can ensue…

Reflecting on the thoughts of Francis Shaeffer, this video discusses the dichotomous “upper story/lower story” paradigm of our humanistic society – and the absolute futility of secular humanism. Brilliantly stripping away the facade of our “advanced” society, this video exposes, among other things, how the “globe” is the foundation of a one-world dictatorship, how science condemns Christianity as pushing a “doom and gloom” message, while environmentalists offer the most fatalistic message of all, and more.

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YouTube video

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