Sandy Hook: GoFundMe Deletes Wolf’s Donation Site, Supports Obvious Fraud

HHA | 11/8/2014

by Jim Fetzer (with Tom Lapp)

gofundme2Wolfgang Halbig’s GoFundMe account has been suspended for alleged FRAUD based upon complaints it has received.

But there is no fraud associated with Wolf’s account, which we have substantiated again and again.We have a good idea of their source, which probably includes some familiar names, shills who are obsessed with defending the indefensible, where the hoax has even been confirmed by officials in the Obama Department of Education.Not only has GoFundMe denied a good man the use of its facilities, it continues to host an obvious fraud, who created her account the day before the shooting, on 13 December 2012.She had already called the “Sandy Hook Promise” fund and others to assist her in vacuuming up donations for participants in the scam. So who is really the crook? And why does GoFundMe allow itself to be played for a sap?Conspiracy to commit fraud is apparent there–and GoFundMe is an accessory by facilitating the scam. Here’s a short clip straight from the horse’s mouth, CT State Police Lt. Paul Vance on the scene at Sandy Hook, which confirms that this was a hoax by placing the shooter’s body in the wrong (unscripted) location:

Lt. Vance, of course, is the CT State Trooper who not only threatened to prosecute anyone who disputed the official account on the day of the alleged shooting but who also appears to have been responsible for having two local homicide detectives visit the home of Wolfgang Halbig in Florida to warn him that, if he continued to raised questions about Sandy Hook, he would be prosecuted, too. How dumb are we supposed to be?

Proof Sandy Hook was a hoax




We have also established that Sandy Hook appears to have been a FEMA Capstone event, which was years in the planning, where Eric Holder, a zealous advocate for gun control, played a crucial role; where a combination of threats and bribes has been used to control local residents from speaking out; and where the only death certificate we have had access to (of Noah Pozner provided by a man claiming to be his father, Lenny Pozner) turns out to be a crude fabrication. But if children had actually died at Sandy Hook, it would not have been necessary to fake a death certificate, because the parents of the children would have had copes of real ones.


The GoFundMe Desaree Juarez scam

Wolf has found a GoFundMe donation site by a woman from California, Desaree Juarez, ostensibly on behalf of the victims of the Sandy Hook event on 14 December 2012, was actually posted on 13 December 2012, the day before. This discovery tends to confirm the FEMA Drill Manual we have discovered, which states that drill would be conducted on 13 December 2012 and then “reviewed as a live event” on 14 December 2012:

Desaree Juarez GoFundMe pages
Desiree Juarez (second take)

In my opinion, this also tends to explain why the Social Security Death Index entry for the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, commits the same mistake by listing his death as having occurred on 13 December 2012. She must have been notified that she had the wrong date and published “an update” to conceal her blunder by using following change to her website in an attempt to evade being exposed for participating in the scam:

Updated post from Desiree Fernandez

The best work on the SSDI has been done by Dr. Eowyn, whose research has been featured here many times. As she has observed, after the discovery of Lanza’s 12/13/2012 SSDI went viral, on or around February 2, 2013, Genealogy Bank changed Lanza’s SSDI to 12/14/2012, the day of the alleged massacre. (See “SSDI changed Adam Lanza’s date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012!!!”).

Dr. Eowyn also discovered that another genealogy website,, was slower on the uptake. Three days after Genealogy Bank had changed its SSDI for Lanza to 12/14/2012, still listed Lanza’s SSDI as 12/13/2012. (See “ still has Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as a day before the Sandy Hook massacre”).


Thomas Lapp contacts GoFundMe


After GoFundMe responded saying that they received several complaints about your campaign, I rejected their response through the BBB complaint system and demanded they turn over copies of the complaints as well as the identities of the complainants.  It is very likely that your opposition has filed fraudulent complaints in order to get your campaign taken down.  If you were to go to a different fundraising site, they will only do the same thing again and will most likely get you shut down again.  Here is the latest response I received from GoFundMe:

As you mention, there are people out there that have set out to harass you in several different ways. We are not those people. We are an online fundraising company that you chose to use to raise money on. We chose not to have your page on the site, which we have every right to do. This was agreed upon when the campaign was created. There are a lot of other ways to raise money online, I encourage you to use them.We’re of course always more than happy to cooperate with law enforcement if they provide us a signed warrant or subpoena.

So based on their wording, they have decided to not have your page on their site. And it seems that are not willing to divulge any information about who these complainants are as well. I am going to continue to press the issue in hopes that they will get a strike on their BBB record, this information will be publicly displayed on the BBB website for anyone to review.

I highly recommend the two following courses of action:

1. Contact anyone in the media and see if they would run a story about how you are being attacked and drag GoFundMe right out into the spotlight.  They are supposed to be a neutral organization that is simply there to provide people a means to raise money.  Your efforts have been highly legitimate and you have been very straight forward about your costs, but they have decided to step out and take an official stance against you.  This is something that a lot of people would be interested to know about.

2. Have an attorney file a suit and send a “doe subpoena” for the purpose of forcing GoFundMe to identify those who are responsible, if any.  Get this info out to the public and expose these people.

Showing the general public just how you are being attacked is one of many ways to communicate to them just how serious this is.  Someone went to a lot of trouble to get this done, and they went to that trouble for a reason.  They are afraid of you Wolf, afraid of what you are capable of.  And I bet they think you will just hang your head and walk away from this without a fight.  Give them the fight they are not expecting and bring exposure to this.

I’m sure people like Alex Jones, Joyce Riley, Jim Fetzer at the least would be very interested to learn about what is happening here.  This is very unjust, and quite insulting that for days were were literally being ignored by their customer service department.  It’s a shame that it had to take filing a BBB complaint to get any kind of response.

I will keep on top of this, let me know if there is anything you need.

Wolf wrote back to Tom with the observation that any corporation that allowed this to be posted on their fundraising site to make money and know that it is a fraud–since the girl who posted put it up on on 13 December  2012, the day BEFORE the shooting, which GO FUND ME has to know (unless it is operating in reckless disregard of the truth) is complicit in this FRAUD and must eventually be held accountable for all the money made under the guise of this conspiracy. GO FUND ME is now an accessory to fraud.

FBI and CT Crime Report confirmations

Among the most fascinating recent developments have been confirmations that no children died at Sandy Hook coming from the FBI (in relation to its Consolidated Crime Report for 2014) and the Connecticut State Crime Report for 2014, where both assign “0” to the number of children who died in Newtown in 2014. Here is an interview with Wolf about them, which is remarkable coming from those agencies:

In a crafty attempt to have it both ways, the Connecticut Crime Report shows both 0 for deaths of children less than 10 years old in Newtown but also adds a footnote buried in the report under “State Police misc.” that 27 persons were killed in Connecticut. But the jurisdiction where they were killed would be the place to report the number, had it actually occurred. This appears to be another of Lt. Paul Vance’s duplicities.

NOTE: To help get this case into court and formally establish the truth about Sandy Hook through the legal process, which the Attorney General and Connecticut authorities do not want the public, including you, to know, and to save your country for future generations, please consider donating to this most worthy cause at

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