Sofia Smallstorm Flat Earth Discussion

Sofia Smallstorm Flat Earth Discussion

It appears that many are secretly looking into the possibility that we might not actually be on a blue globe doing a yearly orbit in a solar system in the universe. Even speculating that “the earth is flat” is enough to get you labeled absolutely loony, but believe it or not, 2015 is showing itself to be the year of this inquiry! I gather three friends here, two of whom are 99% and 100% convinced that the Globe Theory of the Earth is Wrong, to exchange information and explain what can and cannot be. We all have eyes and we have all lived here for a while now, so why don’t you listen and go to some of the links to decide for yourself — or at least so you can say you’ve taken a gander at this ridiculous theory!


  1. Thanks for an interesting discussion. As an amateur astronomer I believe any evidence for the FE theory circumstantial only as compelling as it may seem. A half decent telescope will allow you to observe the sun and all the planets rotate on their axis over time. It makes no sense to throw in a 12000 km diameter flat disc just for fun. The universe makes such large objects spherical because that’s the only way they can maintain stability over long periods of time when exposed to the orbital forces they have to endure. Bla bla bla I can make a far more constructive contribution to your discussion on the fifth planet. Thanks again, Lander

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