Texas Baptist Church Shooting – FALSE FLAG

Texas Baptist Church Shooting – FALSE FLAG

I just tried the same search as the woman in the video and verified this. You can try it yourself. My search engine dates this article about the shooting as having been posted the 1st of November. The article itself says Nov 5 but the search page lists it as the 1st.

Updated Texas Baptist Church Shooting – False Flag Event


  1. YCNightingale says:

    Hi Diana, The term “false flag” refers to covert operations that are carried out to steer public sentiment in a politically motivated direction. However, the fact that an event is a “false flag” does not necessarily mean that no one died. That’s a common misconception. Often times no one dies, but it is not beyond the powers behind these propagandized events to justify a few casualties. Here is a good article explaining the false flag phenomenon: http://christianobserver.net/false-flags-are-legal-propaganda/. Here are some more: http://christianobserver.net/?s=false+flag. Hope that helps.

  2. What is the definition of “false flag”? I live in Washington State and have families here that lost family in the shooting.

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