The Darkest Holiday

Samhain (Halloween) is upon us again, that wicked night when, oblivious to the horrors that some children and small animals are being subjected to, countless innocent children will swarm our neighborhoods in costume, hoping to excite smiles (and get candy) from their kind neighbors.

Each year, Christian parents whose children want to participate in the fun with their friends, are faced with the decision of how best to approach the holiday. Most will find an easy compromise at one of the many church-sponsored Harvest Parties. But by attending Harvest Parties, are we not teaching our children that they don’t need to stand up and be separate from the world, but that they can serve Jesus without missing out on all the fun of this ungodly culture?

I used to join in “Harvest Festivals” at church with my children too, but I’ve since become convicted otherwise. I wonder if believers would still participate if they were privy to a bloody Halloween ritual being performed right in their own community… because, in all likelihood, there is one. Like the article I linked above expresses;

if we gather for anything on this evil night, it should be for prayer.

It disheartens me that Halloween decorations have surpassed the massive Christmas displays of yesteryear. Many are happy about that because of painful family memories surrounding the frenzied consumer-based holiday that’s Christ-centered in name only. I can’t count how many people have told me that they “hate Christmas.” But as much as we know that Christmas is actually a pagan celebration, it still does create opportunities to discuss Jesus Christ. Halloween on the other hand, only serves to cutesify or inspire compromise with evil. (2 Cor 6:17)

It makes me cringe knowing that Satanists gloat over the world participating in their holiday, and that doing so feeds the power of their filthy rituals.

But I admit I do still struggle with the little neighbor kids being disappointed at my darkened porch. Some years I’ve kept the lights on and passed out tracts. Others I just turned them off. I was grateful when my husband made the call this year, saying he wanted no part in the evil holiday and that we would just leave our lights off.

If you’ve prayed it through and made the decision to pass out tracts, here’s a simple one you can print out that Jim Duke put together:

But, I hope you will pray in earnest before just going along with your church’s Halloween-Alternative event. Halloween is not just Hollywood and it is no joke. Real people, children and animals become the victims of horrific blood rituals on this witch’s holy night. Here’s just one testimony. You can easily find more with a Google search.

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