Witches Laugh at Christians Who Celebrate Halloween

I’d be remiss not to post something about Halloween. Christians should have boycotted this “holiday” from the get-go, but today there is just no excuse anymore to be naive to Halloween’s dark history or the evil that’s occurring while Churches hold their “alternative” events. Daryll Bryant “CHRINO” Christian in name … Read More

New Book! Glimpse of Glory: A Critical Examination of Near Death Experiences

This book is the result of 5 years of research into the common messages brought by NDEs.  MUCH MORE than a book about another Near Death Experience, Glimpse of Glory is the story of how God sustained me through a seven-year-battle with an undiagnosed brain tumor, and how, after the … Read More

Paradise, CA Commemorated on MARS?

It’s still unclear exactly what technology produced the Paradise Fire, but I don’t think there are many people who accept the official story, and this recent announcement by NASA seems to confirm that the catastrophic fire was not only a public ritual, but a very significant public ritual. We know, … Read More

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