The Noahide Deception (Videos)

The Noahide Deception (Videos)



  1. Donald Trump has signed the Education Day U.S.A. proclamation every year of his presidency since he has been in office, yet his versions of the proclamations do not mention the Jewish Noahide Laws, only the importance of “education” and the remembrance of Rabbi Schneerson who dedicated much of his life to advancing the Noahide agenda. Even though Trump’s versions of the resolution do not mention Noahide Law, the Chabad-Lubavitch website reminds us that the Jewish Noahide Laws are the “unifying idea” of all these proclamations, including Trump’s, and are what our presidents are referring to when they say “education”.

    Interesting that Trump is the ONLY President to change the verbiage and eliminate any reference of the noahide laws in the proclamation he signed – since it was first instituted by Ronald Reagan in 1982 . Further still, it is the Chabad-Lubavitch website that “claims” that the noahide laws are the unifying idea of these proclamations – even though this is definitely NOT what Trump signed or agreed to.

    Why would the President go to the extreme of making sure there is no reference to any agreement on the Noahide Laws in the proclamation version that he signed.? ONLY answer there is – because he is a patriot and our Constitution is supreme!

    GAME OVER – the liars lose again!

  2. I read you CERN Scam article here. I know this sounds crazy but Q told us the N in NWO stood for Nazi. Look at NASA’s Project Blue Beam. Fake Messiahs, Fake Holographic Alien Invasion to prompt a One World Government, a New Age Religion in which you listen to your inner voice, the government broadcasting to your brain (we have the tech now – what is CERN and 5g for) Then the mass Genocide of Christians. Sounds crazy? Look at Prepared For Change . Net which pushes the Project Blue Beam Agenda from NASA – Operation Paperclip people. Project Blue Beam calls for the Genocide of Christians. This should be crazy but there is a website and movement.. Faithful Christian Serge Monast tried to warn us.

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