The Science Behind Smart Meters (The Dangers – How To Protect Your Family)

The topic of Smart Meters continues to be largely downplayed and dismissed. Granted, there’s a lot to be aware of these days and it can get overwhelming, but the facts reveal that the dangers Smart Meters pose to our health and freedoms are very real.

There is ample evidence of an aggressive effort to create a surveillance ‘grid’ which will facilitate a worldwide communist government; a “New World Order,” and the technologies designed to achieve that goal are devastating to the health of every man, woman, child, animal and life form on earth.  Those advocating for global governance’s stated goal is depopulation. In the Initiative for the United Nations, Eco 92 Earth Charter, it is stated that:

“The present vast over population, now far beyond the world carrying capacity cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction in the numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary” – Initiative for the United Nations,Eco 92 Earth Charter.

Standing by and doing nothing as people with evil motives make us sick and unable to think or act in a responsible manner while in the world, goes against our natural, God given instinct to protect life. There are things we can do to protect ourselves and our families from many of these technologies, but we can only do so if we’re aware. Clearly, our first defense is the Word of God and prayer. But God has placed us in the physical world and told us not to be ignorant to the devices of our enemy.

Below are important facts you should have about Smart Meters that are being installed on homes everywhere.

Informative Video

Here is a video that tells you what you can do to protect yourself from Smart Meter Technology.

Here is an example of how this technology is being used against innocent citizens already today: Smart Meter Data at Crux of Arkansas Murder Case 

Stop Smart Meters

Evidence is accumulating that wireless technologies in general- and the “smart grid” and “smart meters” in particular- are causing serious health problems.

Familiarize yourself with the science, and share this knowledge with your friends, family, neighbors and especially politicians and others who have the ability (and grave duty) to change policy, recall smart meters- and order a full, impartial investigation into health impacts, privacy violations, overcharging, fire safety, and other flaws with this technology.

New: National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

World Health Organization Designates Wireless as a Class 2B Carcinogen (pdf)

Interview with former head of WHO panel- evidence justifies “probable” cancer label

Peer-Reviewed Study of Health Symptoms Associated with Smart Meters Published in US Medical Journal

National Institutes of Health Study Reveals Cell Phones Alter Brain Activity

Santa Cruz County Health Department Report: Health Risks of Smart Meters (pdf)

Journal of Neuroscience- evidence for electro-sensitivity

Public health implications of wireless technologies (Cindy Sage & David Carpenter) (pdf)

Bioinitiative Report: Summary of the Science

Assessment of RF Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters (C. Sage)

Dr. Henry Lai’s Vienna Report on RFR Bioeffects (pdf)

American Academy of Envl. Medicine Recommends Patients Avoid Smart Meters (pdf)

Pregnant Women Exposed to Magnetic Fields Risk Obese Children

Study: Health Symptoms Associated with Wireless Meters

A Collection of Smart Meter and Health Related Papers by Ron Powell Ph.D.

More studies at:

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