The Vatican and the Pre Flood World – Timothy Alberino

UPDATE 6/17/2016

Upon uncovering the fallacy of Dispensationalism, founded by Freemason, John Nelson Darby (see the second section of my video ) I now agree with Herescope’s Gaylene Goodroad on her assessment of the pre-flood world. See:, specifically that the Nephilim were not the result of a sexual union between man and fallen angel, but, rather, were evil human beings. My personal view is that the changes in these’s men’s DNA occurred through the practice of the black magik art of Alchemy. I am currently working on a video covering this. But I’ll leave this article here for now so that those who are interested in the subject can also consider the problems with this narrative.

Why does the Vatican have an interest in Peru? What is the connection between the Paracas Skull and the Vatican?

Published on Aug 7, 2015
The Vatican seems to have a powerful interest in historic sites connected to the world before the Flood of Noah. Timothy Alberino, director and host of the forthcoming documentary series ‘True Legends’, describes his experiences researching and filming in Bolivia and Peru.

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