What is IN Chemtrails?

While dscussing chemtrails and my video about the agenda behind chemtrails, a friend recently asked me; “So what exactly are they spraying? ” This video answers that question and others. When you come to realize that something is, in fact, being sprayed by the megatons on the general population, you ask “why” anyone would do this, and you’re led down a path that exposes an unimaginably nefarious agenda; so unbelievable that you won’t hear about it in your church (unless your church is a great exception to the norm). Yet, this is so prevalent. That is what started my asking questions that no pastor has been able to give me good answers for to this day.

Individual people everywhere are becoming aware of these things now. So why are the churches still silent?? I’ve posted many answers to that question. I don’t share this to promote fear. The bottom line is as always: Love God – know His Word for yourself – know it well; love your neighbor – which includes letting them know they are being poisoned and what they need to do to protect themselves; share the hope of the gospel. Share the truth about the devices of the enemy! (1 Cor 2:11) Pray; and where God leads and gives opportunity, do what you can to better things.

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