9-11 Perpetrators Used Directed Energy Weapon

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Dr. Judy Wood Proves that We Only Saw What We Were Told to SeeThe controversy over who did 9-11 obscures a more important fact. 9-11 was the first demonstration of a mysterious free-energy technology that, used constructively, could change the destiny of mankind. The buildings did not collapse or explode. Millions of tons of concrete and steel literally turned to dust.  This video is one of the most astounding things you will ever see.
By Cab McCann | henrymakow.com9/11 is not what the Jewish media TV stations all told us, in a perfectly synchronized reporting effort, on that dreadful day.

Truth about 9/11 is also nothing at all like what the so-called “Truth Movement” under Alex Jones and Company told us either.   As Dr. Judy Wood says, “If you don’t like Lie No. 1, try Lie No. 2.   Dr. Wood says Alex Jones and Company are Gatekeepers for the Military Industrial Complex.

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Special effects offered the public by the Jewish media - the kind of thing you'd see on Saturday2 Morning cartoon shows, but not on the news. Planes don't melt into buildings.
Special effects offered the public by the Jewish media – the kind of thing you’d see on Saturday2 Morning cartoon shows, but not on the news. Planes don’t melt into buildings.

The above short video is the real truth gathered by Dr. Judy Wood by using FOIA request to obtain the mountains of evidence gathered by the State of NY at the 9/11 crime scene.   She analyzed, organized and presented all of it perfectly:  pictures, videos, transcripts and interviews–evidence, and more evidence of the crime scene.   Dr. Wood is a materials forensics Ph. D, a genius at her profession, a perfectionist in her work, an excellent teacher, and she gives us an analysis of the evidence that is impeccable to the last detail and presented perfectly.

The above video is one of her latest, and is rather a Last Hurrah! kind of reaching-out-to-the-public.   In this video, she’s combined hundreds of hours of her work into one cut-to-the-chase message concerning the kind of weapon that was used to disappear seven huge buildings.

Dr. Wood has poured herself out for 9/11 Truth, the most important issue of our century to rightly understand. Dr. Wood is hard to find these days – in hiding you might say.   Since her student was murdered, it is understandable that she would pull back a bit from her public ministry to present 9/11 Truth to the world.

There are many fascinating details this video doesn’t touch – such as the huge number of jumpers (or flyers) which were more like 1,500 rather than the 5 or 6 the media told us there were;  or the 1500 wilted cars within a half-mile radius of the crime scene; or the Category 3 Hurricane Erin that was parked just outside of NY Harbor on 9/11 ;  or the lack of a seismic record other than surface waves that showed buildings LEAVING, not crashing.

And many other intriguing and shocking things most of us never knew about 9/11 are not dealt with in this video. The video deals with only the one single issue of the demolecularization of seven huge buildings in a few hours, which turned to dust and blew away. I urge people to go to her website and take the time to look into all of it, a task that may take you months to complete.  But it’s worth it.

Dr. Wood’s video has condensed the main conclusion for us, evidence which demonstrates that the Banksters and their minions are in possession of a destructive weapon the likes of which the world has never known or imagined.

(Building 6 hollowed out to the lowest floor. ½ million sq. foot building hollowed out down to the basement  There were 7 buildings that 'went away' on 9/11.  Not 2-3 buildings as the gatekeepers told us.)
Building 6 hollowed out to the lowest floor. ½ million sq. foot building hollowed out down to the basement  There were 7 buildings that ‘went away’ on 9/11.  Not 2-3 buildings as the gatekeepers told us.

It’s something we all need to know, because the world is spiralling into total destruction and WWIII, all over the lies the controlled media told about 9/11.   9/11 was indeed a big false flag attack done by our own government against its own people, all to provide the excuse to go to war against the entire world.   Be aware though that this is me talking and not Dr. Wood.   Dr. Judy Wood does not draw any conclusions about who did 9/11 or why.   She only wants us to know WHAT HAPPENED.    We can never know who did it or why until we know what actually happened.

But Dr. Wood’s evidence proves there was no plane or young Muslims with box cutters who were able to perform the feats you will see in the video.   It had to have been done by our own government to provide a reason to go to war against the world, and by using a new weapon that can demolecularize the WTC in a few hours and blow it away in a dust cloud.

We really do need to take another look at 9/11 – a look that doesn’t include what the Jewish media and the false alternative media sellouts have told us to believe.   We need to look at the evidence Dr. Judy Wood gathered with her FOIA request from the actual hours of investigation and evidence gained from the crime scene.  No guesses, just evidence.

Plain old evidence does the body good.
Cab McCann responds to comment from George:

Hi, George.   I’m sorry to see you have fallen for the pathetic disinformation against Dr. Wood’s report on 9/11 evidence – crazy talk put out by MIC shills.   What a sorry joke that grown men claiming to have military and scientific knowledge would put forth such nonsense as the idea of ‘thermite paint’ and/or ‘one-directional-mini-nano-nukes’–neither one of which exists in reality, and even the fantasy doesn’t fit the crime scene or the obvious and voluminous evidence.

CoverPage_blue_s (1).jpg Nukes produce heat and light and a big noise too.    There was no boom, no heat, no blinding flash, no mushroom cloud.  Also no seismic record, other than the one showing the earth springing back as the buildings LEFT.   No seismic records of any crashing buildings at all let alone any nuclear explosions.  The buildings were fuming away for several hours, and then they just unraveled.   If you watch the video, you will see that.   In fact, we saw on television that people were talking with their backs to the Towers, and then Tower 2 began its 8-second fizzaway.   The television footage shows people talking with their backs to the building, having no idea that anything was happening behind them until they saw people facing them having looks of horror on their faces and beginning to scream in horror.

It was as though the buildings were enveloped in some kind of a field, like an alka seltzer that is dropped into water would start to fizz away.

The MIC gatekeepers also fed us fairy tales about thermite paint —  AKA Lie Number 2, coming from Alex Jones and Company (ie Loose Change and 9/11 Mysteries) … and we were told by Sylvia Smallstorm that Jeb Bush hired thousands of painters to go into the WTC and paint all the metal beams with ‘thermite paint.’    Thermite is an incendiary chemical used for welding and the military uses it also for certain maneuvers.    It is highly explosive and would take but a spark to set it off.   It would be the biggest 4th of July show anybody had ever seen in the entire world: the explosions would be deafening, and the heat would melt half the city away.   There was no ‘thermite paint,’ and indeed no such stupid invention exists.  The buildings gave off no heat at all while they unraveled quicker than a tab of Alka Seltzer dropped into a glass water on 9/11.  And there was a Category 3 hurricane parked outside NYC Harbor that day, which may have contributed a field to permit the events of 9/11.  Maybe.   Quite strange tho that a dangerous hurricane was not even reported on the news, and no warnings to evacuate were given.

The World Trade Center was built on what is called the ‘bathtub’ – which is a concrete base below sea level (of the Hudson River) – and walls built to surround and keep the water out.    A one-directional mini-nano-micro-nuke would have damaged the bathtub, and the Hudson River would have come flooding in.   But the ‘bath-tub’ was not the least bit damaged.   The subways were not flooded.   Also,  none of the basements of any of the 7 destroyed buildings on 9/11 were damaged–other than water damage from the firemen’s hoses.   Firemen were hosing down the crime scene for months thereafter, in order to keep the dust from fuming away and contaminating whatever it touched (as the wilted cars we have seen were wilted away).   Each night trucks of dirt were brought and laid down over the ground to absorb the fuming dust, and the old dirt was taken up and away.   The disintegrating dust came from contaminated larger particles and chunks that continued to demolecularize.   Years later the bank across from the WTC had to be taken down because it continued to rust and demolecularize from contamination from the dust from the destroyed WTC.

So Dr. Wood has done her homework thoroughly and her text Where Did The Towers Go? is the definitive last word used by foreign universities studying 9/11.   You can get her book here:

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