91 DiVoC

Something about the “COVID” acronym has always caused a check in my spirit. And I was just mentioning to my husband this morning that society as a whole has literally become mentally ill. Listening to the news and hearing people talk recently feels like you’re walking the halls of an insane asylum. (The new rules on social gatherings recently spelled out for Californians is a prime example. If you haven’t read them yet, do take the time to follow that link – but prepare to be left speechless.)

In this article, Craig Patin uncovers yet another Luciferian fingerprint in the current mayhem.

91 DiVoC

Originally posted on Hidden In The Crag By Craig Patin

Luciferians love the law of reversal. So let’s look at Covid.

Covid backwards is divoC. Di is latin means ‘apart’ and voc also comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “to call” (voice). Apart to call.

In Greek, much like Latin, voc is “to call” but di means “twice or twins”. Twice call or twins call. We have seen the twins symbolism from the Minneapolis twin cities incident with the twin George Floyd to the Artemis Accords who is a twin to Apollo to the dna altering vaccination where 2 become one.

דיבוק Dybbuk or Dibbuk
DiVoC דבק

A dybbuk is a Cleaving spirit that attaches itself to people that can cause extreme mental illness. Does it look like there is a cleaving today?


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