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These days we are hearing a lot about “Agenda 21”. I bring this up because I remember, not that long ago, when the words “Agenda 21” sounded like a conspiracy theory  to me. Maybe they still do to you, but Agenda 21 is one of the first things that have to be understood if you want to understand what is going on in the world today. In short; The United Nations, under the guise of “Sustainable Development” (there are too many of us) have envisioned and planned out something that none of us would want if we really understood what they are proposing. Much of it is already being implemented.

Here’s a little video, appropriately titled “Agenda 21 For Dummies”

YouTube video

You can read at the document for yourself – it can be found on the United Nations website or here, in case their link should disappear – (something which is happening with more regularity all the time):  Agenda 21 (United Nations Sustainable Development)


Here is some interesting Agenda 21 news from South Africa News Today

Monday, 22 April 2013

Sellout ANC Regime is Implementing UN’s Agenda 21

South Africans are dim. Centuries of isolation from the rest of the world make them perfect subjects, not citizens. Gullible isn’t the word.

It is obvious that the United Nations runs South Africa on behalf of the banking cartels and multinationals that now set the agenda of the UN – an agenda called Agenda 21. They run every country on earth now, except a couple of pariahs, including North Korea and the difficult, backward countries in Africa and Central America.

The UN was not always used in the interests of the global power elites. From the sixties to the early eighties the UN was a cesspit of corruption and vice. Now it has been taken over to be used as an instrument of world subjugation.

Spot the link between the UN emblem and the so-called South African emblem:

UN logoSouth Africa Today

If you don’t believe this, then you need to read a book explaining what Agenda 21 is: the UN’s blueprint for the 21st century. Then you will understand why the following has happened in South Africa recently:

  • South African forces were sent into Africa to wear blue helmets and form part of “UN peace keeping missions” in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. The UN has also deployed South African forces along the east coast of Africa “to help combat piracy”. South Africans have no interest, or say, in these deployments. Jacob Zuma and the ANC regime are the puppets of the UN / AU / Nato combine.
  • Sucking money out of the populace is important for the aims of Agenda 21. The ANC regime, via the SA National Roads Authority (Sanral) is bulldozing the etolling project in Gauteng into existence, is planning two etolls in the Western Cape and reportedly another six elsewhere in the country. The main beneficiaries will be shareholders in the shadowy Austrian-domiciled firm Kapsch and its subsidiaries. The ANC regime’s unprecedented enthusiasm for etolling is proof that commissions are going to be paid into the offshore bank accounts of key political figures. Civil protest against etolling has had little effect.
  • Social chaos is important for the UN control of countries via puppet governments. South Africa’s social structure is crumbling as the police force is allowed to decay, schools are secularized and in chaos, abortion is encouraged, drug and alcohol use is out of control, illness and starvation stalk the land, and the economy falters.
  • Open borders are an important part of Agenda 21, which requires an end to nationalism. Instead the world will be divided into five parts for total domination. The African Union is one of them. Anyone can stroll over South Africa’s borders and immediately feed at the public trough. This leads to social instability and impoverishment of the people.
  • A key part of Agenda 21 is de-industrialization. Limiting the amount of electricity available to countries is an excellent way to stop development. Destroying the agricultural sector, on which roughly half of all industry depends, is also a good way to stop industrialization. The ANC regime is carrying out both these mandates.

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