Alchemy, the Process that turns Men into Political Christs and Gods

…and Transhumanism; “The Abomination that Causes Desolation” Mk 13:14, is their ultimate goal… We are in, as Renette says, “the end of the end of days”.

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Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires – Part 8
by Renette Vermeulen

All my work is about impartial (and in this case, historical) facts.  The spirits at work behind the scenes of the oppressive laws of the South African apartheid regime and the communist ‘struggle’ were hardly ever exposed.  Thus, the REAL story of apartheid and the ‘struggle’ was never told without prejudice.  Extremely violent mass action and protective Police and National Defense Force operations were rarely reported in context.  South African National Defense Force strikes on Russian, Cuban and Libyan terrorist training and torture camps outside South Africa, which were camouflaged as peaceful rural villages, hospital and even orphanages, were twisted by the media to misinform South Africans and the whole world.  Viewed in the light of apartheid abuses, British colonialism and communist history since the Russian Revolution of 1917, this report is an attempt to look objectively at both sides of this struggle.

God commands in Ex. 23:1-2, “You shall not circulate a false report.  Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.  [Tell the truth and reveal the real situation; never be bias and unfair!]  You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; [do not believe the distorted opinions of the status quo, and/or join riots and violent crowds!]  Nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many to pervert justice [and truth!]”

Masonic Societies Disseminate Communism And Worldwide Socialist Control

Masonic secret societies worldwide are intertwined and Cabalists, Illuminists, Freemasons, Bonesmen, etc., are all committed to the spirit [and teachings] of evolution, communism, “New Age humanism” – and racism. It is widely believed that clandestine societies pay close attention to the teachings of Aleister Crowley, writer of the satanic bible.  Satanism is a blend of ancient Druidism, teachings of Golden Dawn, Black Magik, etc..  “It is… totally blood oriented” and seated in ritual animal and human sacrifice.  Satanism declares only one law, which all their schisms follow diligently, “Do what thou whilst is the whole of the law!”

Crowley, described by the press as “the most wicked man alive,” was a 33-degree freemason.  Nicolas Schreck is the son-in-law of Anton la Vey, (freemason-illuminist and founder of the official church of Satan.) Nicolas displays the swastika, [the antichrist Nazi cross,] and the satanic pentagram above his altar.  He said, “National Socialism [communism] is one of the few times in history that humanity’s full potential has been released…  [Socialist] Adolph Hitler was a picture of Antichrist, who used disorder to bring order, [the masonic ‘Ordö AB Chao,’ creed.]  Hitler was a masterful black magician…  We are seizing control of the world: the media, scientists… people in every field…  People who have no shame and guilt, who work towards order in this world…  [Masonic/Nazi/Communist order,] expressing itself in mass murder, and we encourage that.  We have no concern for the masses…”

This declaration clarifies the unparalleled socialist-communist carnage, which, without much publicity or condemnation from the media, massacred millions upon millions of people, especially during the last century, and is still eliminating millions more.  This bloodshed and anarchy, unparalleled in history, proves the point that masons and all their different branches, (racists, evolutionists, communists, and New Agers,) are all connected.  [‘They Sold Their Souls to Rock ‘n Roll;’ ‘Aleister Crowley: freemason!’ by Martin P. Starr; ‘Freemasonry and the 20th century Occult Revival,’ David Carrico.]


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High priest of the devil, Aleister Crowley, did not simply worship the devil in the church of Satan; he belonged to numerous secret societies simultaneously.  In the photo on right, he gives the supreme sign of Baphomet, the goat god of freemasonry, and displays the masonic, pyramidal triangle, which represents the all-seeing eye of Lucifer; proving that secret societies are all entwined.

The Communist Clench Fist Sign And The Red Flag

Texe Marrs explained the  insignia on the red communist flag in ‘Codex Magica,’ p. 566, “In all nations where Communist politicians and insurgents operate, [they] identify themselves by making the sign of the clenched fist [This] represents the rebellious attitude of… Babylon toward God…’ Martin Luther King called it the ‘black power’ salute, [though it has nothing to do with African people; it refers to Russian/Communist power.]  It is known in Freemasonry [as] the First Sign, or Due-guard…  The [Communist] Hammer represents [the phallic authority of the masonic Lodge…]


“The sickle is a universal symbol of the Grim Reaper, [death,] and its red star [represents] Lucifer… as ‘Angel of Light…’  The color RED has to do with BLOOD, ‘Will, and Power” – which is satanic power.”

Ex-mason Stephen Knight stated an indisputable fact when he wrote, “Freemasonry is communism, and communism is freemasonry.” The Red Terror, [symbolized by this Red Flag,] implemented by Dzerzhinsky on September 5, 1918, was vividly described by the Red Army journal Krasnaya Gazeta: “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands, let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritsky … let there be floods of blood of the bourgeoisie – more blood, as much as possible…”  – Wikipedia.

During and after World War 2, the symbolical Unicorn and its Rainbow has been spreading its world-unifying wings (or Global Rainbow) through the communist creed, “Constant Revolution Globally!” Since then, socialism, the workhorse of communism,  has infiltrated the entire once affluent world, steadily destroying ALL wealthy colonial infrastructure.  BILLIONS of people worldwide have, and are still suffering immensely under its deadly guise of ‘liberation, equality, and [so-called] democracy.’ 

Alchemy ‘Science’ Is Darwin’s Eugenics (Selected Race) Or Racial Hygiene

All communists are racists – apartheid racism was socialism and communism too

After the National Party came to power in 1948 in South Africa, the Dutch Reformed, Afrikaner-Calvinist Broederbond, which came from the National Socialism and Nazism of the old Ossewa Brandwag, controlled every sphere of South African life.  They were all devout freemasons, as Denise Woods proved in ‘Oes die Stormwind’ (I do not approve of her trashing the general white African called “Afrikaner,” who had no clue that their leaders were into eugenics and evolution, because the Brotherhood of the apartheid regime secretly belonged to a masonic, communist order; deceiving everyone, who did not know what they did behind political and religious scenes.)

Freemason Boer War general and Prime Minister of the old British Union of South Africa, Jan Smuts, was a self-declared New Age evolutionist. Naturally then, he was a communist and racist as well, because these beliefs form the inseparable dogma of masonic orders, which supposedly  incorporate all race and creed.  None of these societies stands alone; all are links in the chain of socialist/unicorn destruction.  Therefore, it is unrealistic to believe that the bastion of the apartheid regime, the masonic Dutch Reformed Church Brotherhood, was an independent, renegade masonic branch.  No one could have belonged to the Afrikaner Broederbond without sharing their masonic dogmas.  Thus, as masons, the apartheid regime could NOT really have been anti-communist.  They worshipped Baphomet, the god of the masonic lodge, and so, the destructive spirit of the One World Government guided them all.  As all masonic politicians, their priority was not their country, but the global socialism of the One World Order.

Clandestinely as all masonic orders operate, the apartheid regime allegedly ‘withstood’ communism publically in the guise of political Calvinist Christianity, but secretly, they were instruments of the global expansion of National Socialism – and of course, of Evolution.  They led their citizens to believe they were fighting against the worldwide expansion of communism, (whose dangers were and still are very real, as proven by the disastrous history of all well-socialist, communist countries worldwide and in Africa especially,) while, from behind the scenes, they were bringing South Africa under control of the Illuminati’s socialist One World Order.  That is why, during the apartheid years, they were liaising secretly with communist masons of all races.  I could never understand how utterly twisted but intelligent men like Verwoerd could make such inhumane, foolish laws against the majority of South Africans until I understood socialism and communism, and their goal of one-world union.  At first, I also thought Hitler was just another insane dictator, until I realized that the leaders of the upcoming One World Order were merely testing same-color racism through him, as they did through Britain during the Boer War, as well as through the many other communist dictators worldwide.

From their ‘whites only’ park benches to their identity passbooks for non-white people, the apartheid regime’s racist laws culminated in a disguised form of socialist communism, as proven by their acceptance of the British segregation policy, [scroll down on the WebPage] and their many other oppressive laws to benefit mostly themselves and their party members (just like all communists do,) and not all white Africans, as most people believe.  Thus, the apartheid regime too, “had no concern for the masses,” as all other eugenics do, [eugenics means fanatical, blind preference to one’s own race, culture, political and religious beliefs, etc.]  So, as members of the religious but false Dutch Reformed Church, they could oppress the citizens of South Africa without a twinge of remorse.

In spite of the Broederbond’s fierce denial of ties to freemasonry, the Oriental Lodge No. 20 parades Pik Botha, former Foreign Minister of South Africa, on their list of ‘Famous Masons.’  Pik was also a secret kgb operative, assisting the ‘final communist shift’ in all non-communist countries worldwide and in South Africa as head of all South Africa’s spies, the South African Secret Service.  Pik was one of the Brotherhood who ‘came out of the closet’ while the others still hide behind Afrikaner ignorance of the Dutch Reformed Church and masonic orders. Despite the way in which masonic orders smooth-talk people into joining their so-called “charitable” cause, they most despicably believe they are ‘more equal than others:’ the elitist “enlightened ones.”  So, all masons from different race use gullible, impoverished and oppressed people to accomplish their planetary One-World goal.  What’s more, people from all races, who worship at the altar of the global masonic lodge, secretly share the racist policies of Nazi Germany – that “scientific dictatorship edified by [human] Darwinian evolution.”  ALL masonic orders carry the demented disease of the International Society for Racial Hygiene in their indoctrinated minds.

True purpose of socialist mayhem: Darwin’s ‘evolving’ man into god

It is ludicrous to think that the entire creation happened ‘by chance,’ (which so-called scientists call “The Big Bang,”) and that millions of different species on earth created themselves over “millions of years” from a single cell that “accidentally” came to life.  [See the article, ‘creation science – kent hovind teaches the evolution theory.’]  So, how did Darwin’s utterly illogical, unproven theory of evolution came in control of all the ‘science,’ biology, and even the religion and politics of the modern world?’  Answer: Through the global collaboration of masonic orders, disseminating the religion of anti-god, anti-christ, anti-creation evolution.

Phillip D. Collins wrote in ‘Engineering Evolution: The Alchemy of Eugenics,’ “[At] the turn of the [19th] century we witnessed the transformation of the elite’s religious power structure into a “scientific [socialist/communist] dictatorship.”  The history and background of this “scientific dictatorship” is a conspiracy, created and micro-managed through the historical tide of Darwinism, which has its foundations in Freemasonry…  Historians said that the alchemists of antiquity were attempting to transform lead into gold – [the ‘science’ of alchemy.]  In truth, [alchemy] was a fiction promulgated… to conceal their real objectives – the transformation of man into god.  Among ONE of the various occult organizations that aspired to complete this alchemical mission was Freemasonry.” Continue reading…


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