Vaccine Ingredient (hCG) in Kenya Raises Concern

Is it the right of the World Health Organization (WHO), or anyone else to inject women with un-consented birth control/abortion/infertility drugs? A recent Scientific Research article voices concern about a WHO vaccine doing just that in Kenya. (abstract below). This falls in line with “overpopulation” propaganda: “The world today has 6.8 billion people. … Read More

Alchemy, the Process that turns Men into Political Christs and Gods

…and Transhumanism; “The Abomination that Causes Desolation” Mk 13:14, is their ultimate goal… We are in, as Renette says, “the end of the end of days”. Visit Renette’s site for full article with numerous references and links. Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires – Part 8 by Renette Vermeulen … Read More


VAAL REEFS MINE – 6.2MILES DEPTH AUGUST 5, 2014 | MICHAEL JANITCH  A large earthquake in South Africa?  Something we don’t normally hear much. August 5, 2014 – a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck the Southern portion of the African continent, in South Africa. M5.3 – 6km E of Orkney, South Africa … Read More

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