“Banned” New Zealand Mosque Video Buzz

Here is a link to the original mosque “shooting” video. Notice the absence of  blood and terror… It looks like a video game without special effects:

But more importantly, this particular “shooting” all the buzz on MSM and social media, while so many attacks on Christians go unmentioned as if their lives do not matter. If it’s not pushing their agenda it’s not news.

“As many as 280 people were killed in Christian communities in several attacks spanning February through mid-March in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, according to varying reports from Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Morning Star News and International Christian Concern (ICC). Militants destroyed hundreds of homes and displaced residents.

In the latest attack, Fulani militants killed 10 Christians overnight March 16 in Kaduna state, Morning Star News reported today (March 18). The deaths follow the killing of 40 Christians in at least two attacks in Kaduna Feb. 10-26.” – Baptist Press

Also absent from MSM is any news of the recent decimation of Europe by invading bands of refugees.

Newly released video looks like the staged event that this really was:

Are you getting this yet?

Scene from “Wag the Dog.”

YouTube video

The agenda is “social justice” to the ends of destroying western civilization. It’s part of the communist agenda.

Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci said the workers will never see their true class interests, as defined by Marxism, until they are freed from Western Culture. In 1919, Hungarian Marxist theorist Georg Lukacs said that the great obstacle to creating a Marxist paradise was Western civilization itself. The Marxist paradise is Communism.

In the 1920’s Stalin famously proclaimed that the US would not be taken by force, but would be subverted from the inside through infiltration, placement, and subversion of American political life at all levels of society.

In the 1920s, a group of Marxists founded the Institute of Social Research (the Frankfurt School), which blended Marx with Freud and added in some linguistics to create “critical theory” and “deconstruction.” These ideas greatly influenced education at the university level and eventually became what we know today as “Political Correctness.”

Marxist ideologies have caused enormous damage to every traditional culture they have come to dominate, bringing fear and ruin in its place.

To maintain its ideals, contrary thought must be silenced. In the U.S. today, we’re seeing the suppression of speech, including what videos we are allowed to share under the banner of “tolerance.” We officially have a controlled media that reports only agenda driven news. Freedom of the press is vital to democracy. Welcome to propaganda. Welcome to communism.

“This is the first time a fully armed populace has been subverted … because their minds were taken over first.” Henry Makow

We are there.

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