World Wide Hurricanes, Floods, Forest Fires – Engineered Climate Chaos

In this comprehensive article, Suzanne Maher examines the recent super storms, evidences of the technology to control and steer the weather, as well as possible agendas. Not intending to create fear, but rather to bring awareness so that we are prepared as well as supportive of one another in this troubling time. … Read More

What’s Going On Around The Sun? Massive Object With Shields Feeding Off The Sun?

HHA | 11/10/2014 By Live Free or Die The newly released video below is getting a lot of attention for obvious reasons; it appears that an object with some sort of shields is moving through our solar system, and seen very clearly in the pictures below video as well. One commenter mentions that in the 2nd picture, it appears that … Read More

More SOHO activity

Major update, are these magnetic balls of energy?/SOHO has removed these images, Part 2/ UPDATE Large Magnetic Ball of Energy being tracked by the Nations of Earth. Is this why the Lucifer Telescope is infra-red? This is a clip from Last Fridays Show on Blogtalk. The Complete show is in … Read More

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