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Yes, they broke the seal when they were firing at CERN looking for the God particle. At which they opened a portal, and sitting in the portal was a Giant. Pandemonium broke out lol, and at least one was killed. You think this might deter them but no, now they want to open the portal and keep it open and all cost, including the whole planet. They know what they are doing. With the seal cracked, many of the enemy comes through even now as we speak. Pray for those who come into contact they will need it…. God has been sending me a warning… very strong, overwhelming sense of mass destruction comes with it. But, the warning is for the Bride, the body of Christ, He says to prepare, get our hearts, minds, spirits right with God for he is coming. The time is finally at hand… Get right and watch the sky….. many thousands will die but he told me we would be gone before the disaster strikes. […]

so Prepare….. HE is coming and soon[…]……

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