Christian Observer Welcomes a New Writer!!

I am so honored and excited to introduce Reuben Mentor as a new contributing writer on Christian Observer!

Since I started Christian Observer back in 2012, I’ve posted my own articles and those of others, shared many great Youtube videos and more to bring awareness to the true nature of the “strong delusion” so many are under both within and outside the church and point to Jesus as the only true answer. Along the way I’ve been blessed to meet some of the most godly, courageous people I have ever known in my years on this earth. Reuben Mentor is one of those people. You may have read some of his articles I posted under the pen name “Reuben Reubenstein.”

Reuben’s scriptural knowledge, understanding of world events, keen insights and gift for writing are undeniable, but what struck me, and what I’m sure will strike you about him too, is his humility and love for his fellow man. In fact, he is one of the brothers mentioned in my post “Some thoughts on Unity.”

It occurred me last week to ask Reuben if he might want to write for Christian Observer. What an affirmation it was to learn that he had been praying about a platform where he could more widely share what God was impressing on him to write. My contact was his answer to prayer! God is so good!

Welcome Reuben!

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