Christian Observer Welcomes a New Writer!!

I am so honored and excited to introduce Reuben Mentor as a new contributing writer on Christian Observer! Since I started Christian Observer back in 2012, I’ve posted my own articles and those of others, shared many great Youtube videos and more to bring awareness to the true nature of … Read More

Near Death Experiences & The Spirit of Our Age | Dr Deep State

Last week I was invited to talk with my dear friend Dr. Doug Haugen, aka Dr Deep State, about my near death experience and how it opened my eyes to the literal darkness that works behind the scenes in this world, which resulted in the launch this website and my … Read More

The Loneliness of a Christian

Being “awake” can be lonely. Being the only Christian who sees through the false doctrines and deceptions in the church can create an isolation that’s felt most intensely during the holiday season. If you’re experiencing this, know you are not alone. No matter how crazy or bad the times may … Read More

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