Rihanna: ‘If Jesus Hasn’t Answered Your Prayers, Try Satan’

UPDATE 2-15-2023 At least one backlash against the criticism of Rihanna’s satanic Half Time performance claims that only “Republicans” think it was satanic. …Wait… what? Nah, nothing to see here. 🙄 Is it a coincidence that the show features the dancers floating around in what look like “cigar shaped” UFOs … Read More

Are Freemasons / Zionists Posing as Christian Prophecy Experts/Truthers?

UPDATED 4-1-2019 The Scofield’s Bible has made a massive impact on what is taught in Theological Seminaries and played a major part in the church’s indiscriminate support of the modern day state of Israel. Many of the well known “Christian Truthers and Prophecy Experts” are also outspokenly supportive of Israel. … Read More

Popular Science 1931: First Man in “Space” Reports a Flat Disk | The Enormity of the Globe Deception

The article below comes from the August, 1931 edition of Popular Science Magazine. There’s ample evidence online of the serious problems with both NASA and the globe model, and that there’s a concerted effort underway to promote an occult based, heliocentric cosmology. The question we need to be asking is “why”? I mean, imagine … Read More

Society Controlled by Christmas-Hating Satanic Cult

December 23, 2017  Like a scorpion that paralyses its victim’s mental faculties,  the Illuminati have convinced Christians that celebrating Christ’s birth is in bad taste. Every year Christmas fades further from public consciousness.  Latest –  Jewish Author Boasts of Jewish Role in “Secularizing” Christmas Even “The War Against Christmas” debate is gone this year. Instead, there is … Read More

Cabala (Kabbalah)- How Sex Became Our Religion

Homosexuality/transexuality/pedophilia/sex in entertainment/sex in advertising… Why is our society so preoccupied with sex? Henry Makow argues that it can be traced to the social engineering of elite Cabalists. In fact, in direct contradiction to sound Biblical teaching, one popular Rabbi (Shmuley) goes so far as to teach that lust, not love, is the secret to … Read More

The NAMES of the 8 Biggest Threats To Humanity

Who are the men behind the lust, greed and murder in the name of a “New World Order”? Who is orchestrating the poisonings and mass murder represented by chemtrails, vaccines, EMFs, GMOs, catastrophic weather events, spiritual, economic and political deception and agenda? The men referred to in Rev 18:9-16(?) A few on this list have … Read More

Predictive Programming Preparing Us For What’s To Come

We’re led to believe that television was created merely for our entertainment (and to make a little money for the producers of movie and television productions), but here are a few things to challenge that idea, including the idea that 9/11 was carried out by “terrorists”. These videos present examples of  definitive, blatant … Read More

Yes Virginia, There is a Masonic Jewish Conspiracy

  (Above, Even Santa conceals something sinister) Recently, I was thinking back to the days when we would go Christmas caroling with other families from church. Maybe you remember too. Another excellent article by Henry Makow. For the record, I believe that it is part of the cabal’s agenda to expose the … Read More


12-23-2016 *Here is another excellent article from last year that I’m reposting in light of the recent Berlin attack. Conspiracy School | David Livingstone |11/16/2015 The problem with the world today is not a monopolization of the truth by the mainstream media. All the information necessary to expose the ugly truths … Read More

Benjamin Freedman: Americans Haven’t Been Free for a Long Time

Above, Benjamin H. Freedman, 82, center, receiving an award in 1972. Benjamin Freedman (1890-1984) was a Jewish insider who warned the goyim that, since 1912, the US has been a pawn in the Zionist Conspiracy for world domination (i.e. world government.)    In WW1, Zionists betrayed Germany who offered a generous … Read More

Jews: The Unloved People

It seems like Christians are given only two positions about the Jews. 1) To unconditionally support the state of Israel as the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy 2) To reject political Israel, recognize it as part of the New World Order deception and be labeled antisemitic, (even though we’re not)  In … Read More

Brexit- What is the Hidden Globalist Game?

(Updated 6-28-2016 Click on this image for another, extensive article about Brexit. ) (Grandfather of Polly Toynbee expressing contempt for democracy,transparency and sovereignty. Polly is the Guardian journalist who  was quickest off the mark to link Jo Cox’s murder to the implied bigotry of the Leave campaign) Boris Johnson’s stepmother Jenny, … Read More

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